Greg Daugherty

Greg Daugherty

  • • 25+ years as an editor and writer for major publications and websites, with specialties in personal finance and consumer issues.
  • • Former Editor-in-Chief of Reader’s Digest New Choices magazine for men and women over 50 (now defunct), winner of more than 50 editorial awards.
  • • Frequent television and radio guest on money-related topics.


Greg Daugherty is a veteran editor and writer, with a specialty in personal finance and consumer topics.

He has held senior-level editorial positions at Money, Consumer Reports, Success and Reader’s Digest. As a freelance writer he has contributed to The New York Times, Parade, Smithsonian, National Geographic Traveler, Investopedia, PBS NextAvenue, Wirecutter and many other print and online outlets. He was also the longtime “Retirement Guy” columnist for the Consumer Reports Money Adviser newsletter.

Greg’s books include The Consumer Reports Mutual Funds Book (Consumer Reports Books) and You Can Write for Magazines (Writer’s Digest Books).


Greg received his Bachelors in Political Science from Northwestern University and his Masters in Journalism from the University of Illinois.

Quote from Greg

"A lot of otherwise smart people find personal finance intimidating and/or breathtakingly boring. My job is to try to cut through the jargon and make the subject understandable and (I hope) even enjoyable."

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