Rick Rieder

Rick is BlackRock’s Chief Investment Officer of Fundamental Fixed Income, Co-head of Americas Fixed Income and a member of the company’s Global Operating Committee. A 2013 inductee into the Fixed Income Analysts Society Hall of Fame, Rick also serves as a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Investor Advisory Committee on Financial Markets. He writes about fixed income, the economy and government policy.

  1. Markets & Economy

    2017, The Acid Test for Active Bond Investing

    We examine why 2017 provides a seemingly unlikely source of evidence for the effectiveness of an active approach to fixed ...
  2. Markets & Economy

    Semester-End Policy Liquidity Can’t Be Crammed For

    Rick Rieder and Russ Brownback argue that while cramming for finals may have worked in college, it won’t with the winding ...
  3. Markets & Economy

    Market Lessons from the Gridiron

    The BlackRock Fundamental Fixed Income Team look to the investment lessons that can be derived from Super Bowl 51 odds making.
  4. Markets & Economy

    One Critical Way Technology is Transforming the Economic Landscape

    Find out about the economic implications of “the Amazon effect.”
  5. Markets & Economy

    The Truth Buried in Weak Inflation Data

    Find out what many interpreters of inflation data are missing.
  6. Markets & Economy

    Dispelling 3 Myths About the Markets and Economy

    Several myths have taken hold among market watchers lately. Rick seeks to dispel them.
  7. Markets & Economy

    More to Inflation Data than Meets the Eye

    It’s easy to fixate on headline inflation numbers that appear disappointing, but Rick explains why there’s more to the data ...
  8. College Costs

    The Economic Side Effects of the Student Loan Crisis (in 3 charts)

    Rick Rieder explains the under-appreciated negative economic side effects of today’s student loan levels, with the help of ...
  9. Markets & Economy

    The Truth About the Fed and Inflation

    Rick provides his take on the Fed’s most recent rate hike and makes the case against an overly rigid view of price change. ...
  10. Markets & Economy

    Opportunities in Today’s Evolving Fixed Income Market

    Fixed income investing today is very different from several years ago, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for ...
  11. Markets & Economy

    Where the Fed Goes from Here

    What does weaker-than-expected March jobs growth mean for the path of rate normalization? Rick Rieder weighs in.
  12. Markets & Economy

    Assumptions Not to Make After the March Fed Hike

    With two more Fed hikes potentially on the horizon in 2017, Rick clears up a few wrong assumptions some market watchers are ...
  13. Investing

    Why Opportunities Abound for Active Bond Investors

    Rick shares two reasons why we see abundant fixed income opportunities.