Journalist Entrepreneur and Investigative Reporter

Resides In

New York, NY


City University of New York-Hunter College, University of Rochester, University of California, Berkley MA


  • 20+ years of experience as journalistic entrepreneur
  • Significant experience covering Wall Street for major industry journals
  • Holds an advanced degree in journalism from University of California, Berkeley


Jesse Emspak is a New York-based journalist and investigative reporter who focuses on technology and the science behind some of our favorite gadgets. He also has had 10 years of financial services reporting experience on Wall Street. His work has appeared in The Economist, The Los Angeles Times, Scientific American, The Christian Science Monitor, LiveScience, and Tom's Guide. Jesse is also a former technology and science editor at the International Business Times.

Jesse began his career by covering local news in small towns, chasing down stories of local police and politics. He learned to read a quarterly report and later how to manage a newsletter, edit stories by new reporters, write headlines, plan layouts, and commission art. Jesse went on to cover Wall Street, spending a decade at Institutional Investor Newsletters, followed by a term of service at Investor's Business Daily. His articles have focused on telecommunications, consumer and banking technology, and back-office systems of financial services institutions. 

Then, in Jesse’s words, “In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, I pivoted to science and technology, bringing my reporting skills to a new crop of stories.” Currently, Jesse specializes in writing about breaking news in the fields of science and technology. In particular, he is interested in the way science influences technology and how that, in turn, spreads to consumer use.


Jesse received a BA degree in physics from City University of New York-Hunter College, a BA degree in English from the University of Rochester, and an MA degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley.