Elvin Mirzayev

Elvin Mirzayev

  • • Experienced finance professional focused on investment analysis and M&A advisory
  • • CFA holder and certified FRM
  • • Contributor to Investopedia since 2014, writing on investing and trading strategies, financial analysis, economic analysis, and more


Elvin started his career at a local commercial bank the risk management department. After working as a market risk manager for over three years, he decided to shift to the investment field, working as an investment analyst, adviser, and M&A adviser. He currently holds the position of Investment Manager in Growth Trend Partners, a holding company with diversified business segments. From 2011 to 2016, Elvin was a visiting tutor of investment management and financial risk management at Khazar University, one of the leading Universities of Azerbaijan.

Elvin have always had a passion for research and academic writing, and he enjoys writing for Investopedia on various topics. He also likes to add his experience and observation to derive conclusions on various topics of interest.


Elvin received his Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration from the Academy of Public Administration in Baku, Azerbaijan. He earned his Master of Science in International Finance at Nürtingen University of Applied Sciences. 

Quote from Elvin

"Talent can fail you but hard work will eventually bring you to success. What is important is to never stop learning new things. The biggest lesson is when you learn from your mistakes. To ensure you learn from your mistakes I am setting this as a motto: 'Never repeat the same mistakes.'"

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