New Jersey Institute of Technology


  • Experienced financial analyst with over five years of experience, including writing for Investopedia
  • Proactive FP&A professional, specialized in forecasting and Excel modeling
  • Holds higher education degree in finance with a commitment to develop core competencies in finance and investment analysis


Mohamed S. Jalloh has worked in corporate finance as a financial analyst at FP&A, where the work performed included building finance forecasting models using advanced Excel modeling, advising on capital asset replacement projects, working on budgeting and forecasting company and divisions financials, performing capital markets analysis, creating and managing KPI reports, researching competitors' business and products, and writing business plans.


Mohamed earned his Bachelor of Science in business finance and Master of Science in finance from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Quote from Mohamed S. Jalloh

"I find finance to be the most interesting intersection of financial economics, accounting, statistics, and psychology in behavioral finance, and it applies to everyday life—hence I find it enjoyable to educate even the most novice, using observable daily activities to better their understanding."