Roger Wohlner

Roger Wohlner

  • • Experienced financial writer whose work has been featured on Investopedia, Morningstar Magazine, Go Banking Rates, US News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, The Motley Fool, and numerous other sites
  • • Experienced financial ghostwriter for financial advisors, financial services firms and asset managers
  • • Veteran financial advisor with 20-years of experience in the industry



Roger is a financial writer who brings his extensive experience as a financial advisor to his writing. His background and experience provide his clients with a unique perspective that most financial writers just can’t offer.

Whether you are a financial services company or asset manager seeking an experienced writer to help you reach your target market, a financial site looking for another financial contributor, a financial advisor who would like to write but can’t carve out the time, Roger can help. He writes blog posts, articles, whitepapers, content for newsletters and email campaigns as well as marketing copy. Roger offers editing, review and enhancement services for existing content as well.

One of Roger’s specialties is ghostwriting for financial advisors. Whether you are looking for content for your own site or have the opportunity to be featured on sites like Investopedia, Forbes and Kiplinger, he can help.

Roger is fluent on a wide range of financial topics including: • Financial planning • Investments • Retirement planning • Mutual funds • ETFs • 401(k) plans, pensions and other employer sponsored retirement plans • Planning issues for Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen X • Content geared for financial advisors and retirement plan sponsors


Roger received his MBA from Marquette University and his Bachelors from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh - Finance.

Quote from Roger

"My passion is creating financial content that helps demystify complex concepts for my readers. I take pride in being able to write about a wide range of financial topics for audiences ranging from general readers to financial professionals."

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  1. High Net Worth Strategy

    How Does the New Tax Law Affect Your Estate Plan?

    The tax reform enacted at the end of 2017 will have a far-reaching impact on many areas of tax and financial planning.
  2. FA Relevant

    Tips on Delaying Social Security Benefits

    Should you delay taking your Social Security benefits? As with most things in the financial planning world the answer is: ...
  3. FA Relevant

    Don't Buy Annuities Based on Stock Market Fear

    While annuities can be a viable source of retirement income, they should not be bought based on fear of stock market volatility.
  4. Robo-Advisor

    Tips for Breaking the Ice with New Clients

    Keeping new clients happy and engaged is a challenge for financial advisors, and frankly, for any provider of professional ...
  5. FA Relevant

    How to Advise Non-U.S. Citizens on Social Security

    Advising clients who are not U.S. citizens on Social Security is complex. Here is how you can successfully navigate this ...
  6. Robo-Advisor

    Tips for Assessing a Client's Risk Tolerance

    Determining a client’s risk tolerance is a critical piece of the puzzle in designing and appropriate asset allocation.
  7. Managing Wealth

    What Does Your Advisor's Designation Mean?

    From the CFP to the CPA, do you know what your advisor's designation means?
  8. Managing Wealth

    When Should You Hire a Financial Advisor?

    When assessing your financial situation, it's important to ask the right questions and engage an advisor on the terms that ...
  9. FA Profession

    Tips for Family Wealth Transfers

    Communication and planning are important when transferring parents' wealth to the next generation and making sure they are ...
  10. FA Relevant

    Effectively Managing Retirement Account Withdrawals

    Top things you need to know when it comes to managing the complex task of retirement account withdrawals.
  11. Robo-Advisor

    How to Evaluate a Robo-Advisor

    With the addition of robo-advisors, investors have a variety of new choices when it comes to how they find help in managing ...
  12. Investing Strategy

    Best Investment Accounts for Young Investors

    What are the best investment accounts for young investors? The types of investment accounts to consider can be particularly ...
  13. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Yield vs. Total Return: How They Are Different

    Understanding yield vs. total return is essential in constructing portfolios that meet income generating needs while providing ...
  14. FA Profession

    How AI is Shaping the Advisory Landscape

    While many have been slow to adapt AI or wary of its benefits, financial advisors who do not adapt the technology to their ...
  15. FA Profession

    Transition Planning: Include the Whole Family

    Death is one of the most uncomfortable - and necessary discussions that a family can have. As an advisor, it can be up to ...
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