Kimberly Rotter

Kimberly Rotter

  • • 25+ years’ experience in writing and editing, in the fields of law, healthcare, finance, information technology and education
  • • Current and former blog editor for websites with millions of registered users
  • • Currently owns a boutique content services firm that provides expert level written, graphic and multimedia content


Kimberly began her writing and editing career as an intellectual property paralegal in the early 1990s. That’s also where she learned to manage a team and ensure that projects follow strict timelines.  

Kimberly has successfully founded and operated three businesses. Since 2001, Kimberly has dedicated her energies to her current venture, a writing and editing company where she works with about 40 other professionals to deliver clear and intelligent content to clients in a broad range of industries. In addition to writing web and marketing content, Kimberly writes software user manuals and graduate school case studies. She will be published on the Harvard Business Review website for the first time in 2018. Since 2006 she has also helped to develop thousands of hours of interactive training programs and courseware for our nation’s military. Kimberly has a professional designation in Instructional Systems Design.

Many different kinds of writing projects make Kimberly happy to go to work each day, but her passion is to relay consumer credit and personal finance information to everyday people who want to improve their financial health by making informed decisions. She is a bankruptcy and poor credit survivor, and now owns multiple properties and a few investment accounts.


Kimberly received her bachelor's from University of New Mexico with a degree in english and earned her master's from San Diego State University with a degree in management and entrepreneurship.

Quote from Kimberly

"I learned late in life that you don't have to be wealthy to be financially secure. My hope is that I can teach average folks that anyone can have financial security and a comfortable future by using a simple, common sense strategy... and it's never too late to start!"

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