Kimberly Rotter

Kimberly Rotter

Kimberly Rotter is a personal finance writer and small business owner, usually located in San Diego, CA. She holds an MBA (Management) from San Diego State University's School of Business. Kimberly has successfully founded and operated three small businesses, including her current venture, a content creation and strategy service. She is a bankruptcy survivor and now, with her husband, owns two homes and a few investment accounts. Kimberly believes in managing money conservatively and avoiding debt wherever possible. She is also a mother, and enjoys researching and writing about topics that affect parents and families. Connect with Kimberly on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

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  1. Small Business

    How To Set Your Rates As A Freelancer

    Smart strategies for estimating costs, researching fees, pricing projects and getting your rate for a range of clients.
  2. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Consolidate Your Debt If You Have Bad Credit

    Getting a debt consolidation loan is more difficult when you have bad credit. But it could still help put you on the road ...
  3. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    How Not Paying Cable Bills Could Hurt Credit Score

    Cable bills and similar financial obligations will soon be factored into your credit score. Good news if you're an on-time ...
  4. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Do I Need A Credit Card To Build My Credit?

    It's definitely possible – if a bit more complicated – to build a credit history without traditional credit cards. Just follow ...
  5. Banking

    Best Checking Accounts For Couples

    Being a couple, especially if you both have jobs, can help you qualify for benefits and fee waivers that would be tougher ...
  6. Budgeting & Savings

    Best Checking Accounts For Students

    Student checking accounts avoid the high fees and minimum balances of some other accounts. Here's how to evaluate offers ...
  7. Small Business

    Best Checking Accounts For Small Business

    What you need to know to choose the best checking account for your small business – and where to look.
  8. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    The Best Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

    Building back credit after bankruptcy generally starts with getting a secured credit card. Here's how to identify the best ...
  9. Cybersecurity

    Top Credit Cards For Airline Miles Travel

    Which companies offer the best credit cards for airline miles travel? Two resources to examine closely.
  10. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Car Title Loan Requirements

    Here's a list of what you need to qualify for a car title loan. Most important: having sole ownership of your car with no ...
  11. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    States That Allow Car Title Loans

    Only some states permit car title loans – and those that do may have restrictions. Check this list to see what to expect.
  12. Cybersecurity

    The Credit Card Chip: What Travelers Must Know

    Credit cards in the U.S are just getting ENV technology, which embeds a smart chip in your credit card. Here's how to avoid ...
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