• 8+ years of experience as a content writer and digital editor
  • Finance journalist with content appearing in national and international publications
  • Background in conducting research and data analyst with experience creating studies and surveys


Working as a writer and editor since 2010, Elyssa Kirkham began her career as the editor-in-chief for the student-produced magazine at Brigham Young University (BYU). There, she designed, edited, and managed magazine content and layouts. Elyssa worked as an SEO specialist and copywriter at SEO.com and Click Optimize Now, and as an assistant editor for Autism Asperger’s Digest.

After this time, Elyssa moved into the finance sphere when she worked with GoBankingRates.com as a content creator, editor, and finance writer. Here, she managed freelance contributors, conducted personally sourced research, and wrote outlet-specific content. Elyssa then moved to Student Loan Hero, a site for those wishing to gain insight on managing debt and achieving financial independence, where she works as a finance writer. She acts as a topic expert, originates and manages research projects, analyzes the results of studies and surveys, and writes content. Her topics include debt, student loans, and finance.


Elyssa earned her Bachelor of Arts in creative writing, communications, and design at Brigham Young University.