Kansas State University, Bellevue University


  • 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, specifically in life insurance and as a stockbroker
  • Has co-owned a virtual ad agency, helping clients, both international and local, with their content needs
  • Currently writes about financial literacy topics to help people pursue financial stability and independence


John's expertise is in financial literacy topics for families, from ways to being invested to becoming debt-free and pursuing financial stability. His past works have focused on teaching individuals how to best set up their financial lives in order to to reach short and long-term goals. He currently focuses on helping readers overcome financial road blocks and educate themselves to manage their money effectively.


John received his Bachelor of Arts in history degree from Kansas State University, and earned a Master of Business Administration in finance degree with honors from Bellevue University.

Quote from John P. Schmoll, Jr.

"I enjoy helping people connect the dots with their money. Many struggle with realizing how important it is to differentiate between wants and needs with their finances. I thrive on helping people see the need to use each dollar as a tool to get to where they want in life."