Will Kenton

Will Kenton has advanced degrees in English and Economics, and he has worked in digital publishing since 2008. He focuses on macro-trends and technology investing. He lives in Brooklyn with his family.

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  1. Taxes

    Chicken Tax

    The Chicken Tax is a 25% tariff on imported light trucks.
  2. Stocks

    What Iconic Investor Are You Like?

    Are you more Warren Buffett or Jim O'Shaughnessy?
  3. Investing

    What Investors Care About, State by State

    What do investors care most about in your state? Returns, plainly put.
  4. Politics & Money

    Democrats Propose $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan (CAT, IGF)

    Democrats want to spend big money on roads, bridges and broadband.
  5. Investing Strategy

    The Investopedia Anxiety Index

    The Investopedia Anxiety Index (IAI) is a gauge of investor sentiment based on the behavior of 20 million Investopedia readers ...
  6. Politics & Money

    Trump Names Jay Clayton to Head the SEC

    Clayton, a Wall St. lawyer who has worked on major IPOs and corporate mergers, will shift the agency's focus.
  7. Politics & Money

    Trump Will Leave His 'Great Business' to Concentrate on American Greatness

    Trump will give a detailed announcement today in New York about how he plans to avoid conflicts of interest.
  8. People

    President Donald Trump: The Road to Victory

    The success of Donald Trump's outsider candidacy has shaken the Republican party to its core.
  9. Markets & Economy

    The Week Ahead: September 5 - 9, 2016

    Economic reports this week include the BLS’s JOLTS report and the Fed Beige Book.
  10. Politics & Money

    The Week Ahead: May 30 - June 3, 2016

    Economic reports fill up the calendar for the week ahead, with employment, manufacturing and inflation all on the agenda.
  11. Markets & Economy

    Investopedia Anxiety Index Launched

    The idea for the index started with a question: what can Investopedia readers tell us about economic and market conditions?
  12. Forex & Currencies

    Janet Yellen's Favorite Themes: Deutsche Bank

    Does it seem like the Federal Reserve continues to shift its focus to offshore events when addressing monetary policy? Don't ...
  13. Politics & Money

    The Economic-Emotional Temperature in 11 States

    In anticipation of the Super Tuesday results due later tonight, the data team at Investopedia decided to look at the states ...
  14. Retirement Living

    The Investopedia State of the Union

    Investopedia readers are well educated market participants who seek to become sophisticated investors. By collecting data ...
  15. FA Relevant

    Top Stories for Investopedia Professionals in 2015

    Professional financial advisors and wealth managers rely on Investopedia for the latest information and industry trends. ...
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