Timothy J Mullaney

Timothy J Mullaney

Tim Mullaney was a national economics correspondent at USA Today and E-Business Editor of BusinessWeek. His work has been honored by the New York Press Club, the Deadline Club of New York and others. He writes about the economy, technology and health care. 

  1. ETFs

    Smart Beta ETFs Strategies

    What you need to know about smart beta ETFs and the strategies behind them.
  2. ETFs

    A Closer Look at Invesco's PowerShares ETFs

    Invesco's PowerShares is trying to make a mark with smart-beta funds that put a distinctive twist on popular investment themes
  3. ETFs

    The Best Housing ETFs for 2015 (ITB, XHB, PKB)

    Housing starts will likely rise about 20% this year, reviving the recovery. Stocks and ETFs have already begun to move.
  4. ETFs

    Tips for Inflation-Adjusted Bond (TIPS) ETFs

    No inflation means there's no reason to buy TIPS ETFs.
  5. ETFs

    The SPDR S&P Health Care Equipment ETF (XHE)

    With the decent growth and wide profit margins of medical device companies, the XHE ETF shouldn't be ignored.
  6. Investing Strategy

    Investing In (And With) Lending Club: How It Works

    The trick isn’t to buy the stock of the San Francisco-based LendingClub — it’s to become an investor in the loans the company ...
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    22 Latin American ETFs

    Latin American exchange-traded funds combined two of the hottest buzzwords of recent years: Emerging markets and low fees. ...
  8. Retirement Savings

    Social Security Changes For 2015

    The average retiree’s check will rise by 1.7% in 2015, the Social Security Administration says. And the ceiling on taxable ...
  9. Retirement Living

    A Portfolio For Savers Nearing Retirement

    Portfolio strategists are pushing more stocks on near-retirees ... but maybe not enough. Here are some 2020 target-date funds ...
  10. Robo-Advisor

    Schwab's New Robo-Advisor

    Schwab may not be the first company to offer a robo-advisor, but it's sure to make a big splash. Here's what it'll look like.