Steven Richmond

Steven Richmond

Now a freelance writer/journalist, Steven Richmond worked as a government/business reporter.

Steven feels most at home helping people understand the complex nuances of personal finance. He is also a strong advocate for enhanced financial literacy efforts in public schools.

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  1. Real Estate

    Fair Housing Act

    The Fair Housing Act forbids anyone from discrimination in the buying, selling, rental or financing of housing based on a ...
  2. Entrepreneurship

    How Snapchat Makes Money

    Here is a look at how the company behind popular social media app Snapchat makes money.
  3. Retirement Savings

    Roth 401(k) vs. Roth IRA: Is One Better?

    It all depends on your age, your income - and your plans for your retirement nest egg.
  4. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    4 Signs You're In Financial Trouble

    These four situations that should set off alarm bells.
  5. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Jumbo Vs. Conventional Mortgages: How They Differ

    Size does matter – and it affects everything from down payments to interest deductions.
  6. Entrepreneurship

    How Robinhood Makes Money (AAPL, EFTC)

    Stock brokerage app Robinhood aims to spur Millennial investing with $0 trades.
  7. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Getting A Mortgage in Your 20s

    You're probably moving a lot and still paying off your student loans. Is it crazy to get a mortgage in your 20s? Here's how ...
  8. Retirement Living

    Why Save for Retirement in Your 20s?

    You're probably paying off your student loans and retirement is 40 years away. Shouldn't you focus on eliminating debt and, ...
  9. Career / Compensation

    Best Resume Strategies for New Finance Graduates

    What to include – and leave out – to create the kind of resume that will get you the interview that lands you the job.
  10. Entrepreneurship

    Getting A U.S. Visa for Entrepreneurs & Investors

    The options for getting a scarce U.S. visa. For the fourth year in a row, there will be a lottery for the H-1B visa for skilled ...
  11. Markets & Economy

    Is Texas The Future Of America?

    The top three fastest-growing cities are located in Texas and 20% of jobs created between 2009 and 2014 were in the Lone ...
  12. Entrepreneurship


    A holacracy is a system of governance where members of a team or business form autonomous yet symbiotic teams to accomplish ...
  13. Investing Strategy

    Why Lego Still Appeals To Children

    As children's toys become more and more technology driven, e.g. tablets, smartphone games, video games, etc., how has Lego ...
  14. Small Business

    How KIA Motors Is Reinventing Itself

    How has Kia turned itself from an ultra-cheap low tier car brand to one of the hottest, fastest-growing brands in just a ...
  15. Entrepreneurship

    Who Invented Apps For Smart Phones?

    Mobile devices have radically changed how we communicate, conduct business, consume entertainment, and manage our lives, ...
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