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Andromeda Creative


  • Accomplished freelance writer and digital marketing consultant with 6+ years of experience
  • Writing appears in print and online publications
  • Founded and managed Andromeda Creative, a boutique digital marketing firm


Having graduated in 2012, Steven Richmond lost no time in plunging headlong into the world of digital writing, content management, and marketing. He is driven to create content that not only engages the reader but also helps them better their financial situations. In 2017, Steven founded his own company, Andromeda Creative, in the Greater Los Angeles area. Andromeda Creative is a digital marketing firm specializing in original content, communications, and operations. Concurrent with Andromeda, Steven works for PatientPop Inc., where he writes and publishes original healthcare content for more than 500 U.S. medical practices.

Steven's early work with and helped him become well-versed in finance and economics. Acting as editor-in-chief for these two companies, Steven performed original research, crunched numbers from government datasets, and conducted interviews with industry leaders to shed light on consumer finance issues.

You can find Steven's work on Forbes, Business Insider, TEDx, HuffPost, MarketWatch, The Motley Fool,, in syndication on Yahoo, and on Investopedia. His topics include articles on mortgages and debt, entrepreneurship and small businesses, retirement, insurance, investing, analysis, and much more.

Steven's background includes being a staff writer at the Lake City Reporter, creating product copy for, and working as a communications manager at He has also worked on social media management with the 2017 Los Angeles Greek Film Festival and the COLCOA French Film Festival.


Steven earned his bachelor's degree in writing and media production from Florida State University.