• 10+ years of experience in behavioral investing
  • 10+ years of history for various online outlets, the author of one book on investing, and contributed to two other books
  • Seen as an authority in behavioral investing; frequently has his work quoted and is a speaker at seminars


Dan Egan has more than 10 years of experience in behavioral investing. During this time, he was the director of behavioral finance and investment at Betterment Financial Services for more than five years and a behavioral finance specialist with Barclay's Wealth and Investment Management–Americas.

Dan's research and writing appear on many online forums, as they quote him as an expert in behavioral investing. His work appears in articles on CNBC, Business Insider, Stock Sector, the Society of Actuaries, and Investopedia. He is the author of Investing Better, written to help investors better understand their portfolio performance. Dan has also contributed to Behavioral Investment Management, written for financial advisors. His work, "Comparison of Risk Management," is part of the Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, an eight-volume standard for those working in the finance industry. His research appears in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Dan is a frequent lecturer about the psychology behind investing and financial strategy. His speaking appearances include first-tier schools like Columbia University, New York University, the London Business School, and the University of Pennsylvania. He also speaks at seminars sponsored by the Consumer Financial Decision-Making Conference and the CFA Wealth Management Institute.


Dan received his Bachelor of Arts in economics from Boston University, and earned his Master of Science in decision science from the London School of Economics.