Alison L. Deutsch

Alison L. Deutsch

Alison Deutsch is a New York-based nonprofit consultant, freelance writer and finance enthusiast. In the past five years, she has independently raised in excess of $1.5M for an amalgam of small and mid-sized New York City organizations and brings development expertise in project-based and capital campaigns, donor relations, and corporate responsibility. With years of experience fundraising and marketing in the nonprofit sector, she is now transitioning into the arena of public policy and international politics. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from New York University and will pursue her postgraduate studies in 2015 as she begins working towards her Master’s Degree in International Relations.


Alison is especially interested in finance research, entrepreneurship, and forex.  To which she ascribes her background in nonprofit and advocacy for accessibility, Alison emphasizes the importance of transparency and exercises it in her writing. As such, she is pleased to join Investopedia and its contributors.

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