Alan Farley

  • • Author - The Master Swing Trader (McGraw - Hill 2000)
  • • Author - MST Cookbook (McGraw-Hill - 2010)
  • • Author - The Daily Swing Trade newsletter - 16 years and The Swing Shift column - 12 years


Best-selling author of The Master Swing Trader and MST Cookbook, long-time writer/contributor to TheStreet.Com and dozens of financial publications. Author of Mastering The Trade, one of the longest-running trading courses on the Internet. CNBC and Bloomberg TV contributor. Publisher of Hard Right Edge, one of the first trading sites on the Internet. Publisher of numerous DVDs including Predicting Market Trends, Turning Pattern Cycles Into Profits, Targeting Profitable Entry and Exit Points, and Market Patterns For Active Traders.


Alan received his Bachelors from the University of Pittsburgh - Psychology.

Quote from Alan

"I deeply believe that I can't succeed in life unless I help others to succeed. As a result, I've spent nearly three decades teaching traders and investors about our complex world markets, showing them ways to gain an edge on the competition."

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  1. Chart Strategy

    Pot Stocks Explode Higher in Watershed Week

    Cannabis stocks took off for the heavens this week after positive catalysts brought marijuana use closer to the mainstream.
  2. Chart Strategy

    McDonald's Stock Could Break Down in Coming Weeks

    Dow component McDonald's could exit a multi-month standoff in coming weeks and drop 20% to 30%.
  3. Brokerages

    Robinhood Selling Order Flow to Generate Revenue

    An SEC filing is disclosing close relationships between Robinhood and the most notorious high-frequency trading firms.
  4. Chart Strategy

    Emerging Markets Could Rise 20% in Fourth Quarter

    The emerging markets fund has reached deep support while oversold technical readings raise the odds for a multi-week bounce.
  5. Chart Strategy

    Union Pacific Stock Could Gain 30% in Coming Months

    Union Pacific stock has established a trading floor above $150, underpinning a strong uptrend that could reach $200.
  6. Chart Strategy

    Avoid Intel Stock Despite Steep Decline

    Intel shares should bounce toward $50 in coming weeks, but heavy overhead supply may end the recovery effort and trigger ...
  7. Chart Strategy

    3 Hidden Gems in the Nasdaq-100

    Trade tensions could trigger an exodus out of the Nasdaq-100's big tech giants and into the index's lesser-known components.
  8. Brokerages

    Goldman Denies Cryptocurrency Exit

    Goldman Sachs insists that efforts to build a bitcoin-based trading platform will continue.
  9. Chart Strategy

    Trade Wars Could Drop Apple Shares to $200

    Apple stock may have completed the rally wave that started in February and could now pull back to test support at $200.
  10. Chart Strategy

    Palo Alto Networks Stock at All-Time High After Bullish Quarter

    Palo Alto shares rallied to an all-time high on Friday after the company reported a strong quarter, but gains may be limited ...
  11. Chart Strategy

    Ciena Stock Breaks Out to 10-Year High

    Network provider Ciena has finally mounted stubborn resistance in the $20s and could reach the upper $40s in the coming months.
  12. Chart Strategy

    Nike Stock Could Drop 10% After Kaepernick Gamble

    Nike shares failed a breakout after the company announced a marketing deal with Colin Kaepernick and could drop another 1 ...
  13. Brokerages

    CBOE Gearing Up for Ethereum Futures

    CBOE plans to roll out an Ethereum futures contract before the end of 2018.
  14. Chart Strategy

    3 Biotech Stocks at Low-Risk Buying Levels

    These mid-cap plays have reached price levels that could reward shareholders with higher returns than the popular sector ...
  15. Trading Strategy

    Penny Stocks to Buy Using Technical Analysis for September 2018

    September's technical analysis list features a variety of technical setups nearing price levels that should attract strong ...
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