Alan Farley

  • • Author - The Master Swing Trader (McGraw - Hill 2000)
  • • Author - MST Cookbook (McGraw-Hill - 2010)
  • • Author - The Daily Swing Trade newsletter - 16 years and The Swing Shift column - 12 years


Alan is a best-selling author of The Master Swing Trader and MST Cookbook, long-time writer/contributor to TheStreet.Com and dozens of financial publications. He is also the author of Mastering The Trade, one of the longest-running trading courses on the Internet. Alan is a CNBC and Bloomberg TV contributor as well as the publisher of Hard Right Edge, one of the first trading sites on the Internet. He's also ublisher of numerous DVDs including Predicting Market Trends, Turning Pattern Cycles Into Profits, Targeting Profitable Entry and Exit Points, and Market Patterns For Active Traders.


Alan received his Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.

Quote from Alan

"I deeply believe that I can't succeed in life unless I help others to succeed. As a result, I've spent nearly three decades teaching traders and investors about our complex world markets, showing them ways to gain an edge on the competition."

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  1. Trading Strategy

    3 Small Stocks Ready for Big Gains

    These speculative single-digit plays look ready to break out, despite broad-based headwinds.
  2. Chart Strategy

    Walmart Stock Sells Off Despite Strong Quarter

    The sell-off in reaction to Walmart's upbeat earnings report warns that shareholders are growing nervous about 2019 profits.
  3. Chart Strategy

    Netflix Completes Head and Shoulders Pattern

    Netflix stock sold off more than 150 points into late October and has now competed the right shoulder of a head and shoulders ...
  4. Chart Strategy

    Coca-Cola Stock Rallies to All-Time High

    Coca-Cola stock has jumped to an all-time high but faces a final technical obstacle before entering a strong uptrend.
  5. Trading Strategy

    Oil Services Fund Drops to 15-Year Low

    The VanEck Vectors Oil Services ETF has cut through the 2008 bear market low and could reach 2001 levels in coming months.
  6. Chart Strategy

    Disney Strength Bodes Well for 2019 Bull Run

    Disney stock has rallied within two points of 2015's all time high and could break out in coming weeks, entering a strong ...
  7. Trading Strategy

    3 Retail Plays for a Hot Holiday Season

    Retail stocks look undervalued and ripe for higher prices headed into a holiday season that could generate the strongest ...
  8. Chart Strategy

    Advanced Micro Devices Nears Sell Signal After Oversold Bounce

    Advanced Micro Devices stock has reached strong resistance after an oversold bounce and could offer profitable short sales ...
  9. Trading Strategy

    Top Strategies for Mastering Pullback Trading (MSFT, JNS)

    Pullbacks, in technical analysis, generate all sorts of trading opportunities after an active trend thrusts higher or lower. ...
  10. Chart Strategy

    Get Ready for the Year-End Rally

    A broad-based recovery wave should lift U.S. stocks between November and December options expiration weeks.
  11. Chart Strategy

    US Defense Stocks Could Rally Into Year End

    U.S. defense stocks fell sharply in October but should offer major buying opportunities in coming weeks.
  12. Chart Strategy

    Apple Stock Near 3-Month Low Despite Strong Earnings

    Tim Cook's decision to discontinue quarterly iPhone sales data isn't sitting well with Apple traders.
  13. Trading Strategy

    Penny Stocks to Buy Using Technical Analysis for November 2018

    Penny stock technical analysis plays that held up well through October's sell-off could generate healthy November profits.
  14. Chart Strategy

    GM Earnings Unlikely to Alter Bearish Outlook

    General Motors and rival Ford have completed bearish patterns that predict lower prices in the coming years.
  15. FA Relevant

    Oil & Currencies: Understanding Their Correlation

    Crude oil remains in a tight correlation with many currency pairs.
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