Alan Farley

Alan Farley is a private trader and publisher of Hard Right Edge, a comprehensive resource for trader education, technical analysis, and short-term trading techniques. He is author of the McGraw-Hill best-sellers "The Master Swing Trader" and "The Master Swing Trader Toolkit", as well as long-time contributor for The

Alan has been on the market scene for well over two decades as a trader, advisor, and author. He is a well-respected educator on swing trading, tape reading and technical analysis, including the original strategies found at Hard Right Edge.

In addition, he is a frequent contributor to CNBC and has been featured in Fidelity Outlook, Forbes, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Barrons, Bloomberg, Smart Money, Schwab Investor, Minyanville, Yahoo Finance, Futures Magazine, Tech Week, Active Trader, MSN Money, Technical Investor, Bridge Trader, Online Investor, America-Invest, the Los Angeles Times, and Trading Markets.

Alan consults regularly with industry leaders on the issues facing today's traders and is a strong voice for the revolution changing our modern markets.   Follow Alan on Twitter

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  1. Chart Strategy

    Biotech Stocks Could Lead Summer Rally

    Small- and mid-cap biotech stocks could lead a summer relief rally, with many posting multi-year or all-time highs.
  2. Trading Instruments

    Naked Call Writing: A High Risk Options Strategy

    Learn how this aggressive trading strategy is used to generate income as part of a diversified portfolio.
  3. Chart Strategy

    Walmart Downtrend Nearing Major Support

    Walmart stock may be headed into a selling climax in the mid- to upper $70s ahead of a strong mid-year recovery effort.
  4. Trading Instruments

    What is the difference between derivatives and options?

    A derivative is a financial contract that gets its value from an underlying asset. Options offer one type of common derivative.
  5. Trading Instruments

    4 Reasons To Hold Onto An Option

    There are times when a trader or investor shouldn't exercise an option. Find out when to hold and when to fold.
  6. Trading Instruments

    American Vs. European Options

    American- and European-style options have similar characteristics but the differences are important to learn.
  7. Trading Instruments

    What do the SP-500, Dow and Nasdaq futures contracts represent?

    A futures contract represents a legally binding agreement to pay or receive the difference between the current price and ...
  8. Chart Strategy

    Target Stock's Upside Looks Limited

    Target shares could break resistance in the upper $70s after this week's earnings report, but the 2015 high in the mid-$8 ...
  9. Brokerages

    eToro Announces U.S. Crypto Trading

    American residents will be able to copy strategies, trade or invest in 10 cryptocurrencies when Europe's eToro releases its ...
  10. Chart Strategy

    Retailers Could Hit New Highs

    A basket of brick-and-mortar retailers' stocks turned higher last week and could post new 2018 highs.
  11. Trading Instruments

    Beginner's Guide To Call Buying

    Learn how to buy calls and then sell or exercise them to earn a profit.
  12. Trading Instruments

    Are We In A Bull Market Or A Bear Market?

    Rising price signifies a bull market while falling price signifies a bear market but the devil is in the details..
  13. Chart Strategy

    Cleveland-Cliffs Could Ride Commodity Wave

    American iron ore producer Cleveland-Cliffs has rallied into base resistance for the third time and could break out in the ...
  14. Chart Strategy

    NVIDIA's Failed Breakout Could Signal Steeper Slide

    NVIDIA stock reversed at channel resistance and failed a breakout above $250 following a poorly received first quarter earnings ...
  15. Trading Instruments

    I own options on a stock, and it's just announced a split. What happens to my options?

    The options contract undergoes an adjustment called "being made whole, when an underlying stock splits.
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