Alan Farley

Alan Farley is a private trader and publisher of Hard Right Edge, a comprehensive resource for trader education, technical analysis, and short-term trading techniques. He is author of the McGraw-Hill best-sellers "The Master Swing Trader" and "The Master Swing Trader Toolkit", as well as long-time contributor for The

Alan has been on the market scene for well over two decades as a trader, advisor, and author. He is a well-respected educator on swing trading, tape reading and technical analysis, including the original strategies found at Hard Right Edge.

In addition, he is a frequent contributor to CNBC and has been featured in Fidelity Outlook, Forbes, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Barrons, Bloomberg, Smart Money, Schwab Investor, Minyanville, Yahoo Finance, Futures Magazine, Tech Week, Active Trader, MSN Money, Technical Investor, Bridge Trader, Online Investor, America-Invest, the Los Angeles Times, and Trading Markets.

Alan consults regularly with industry leaders on the issues facing today's traders and is a strong voice for the revolution changing our modern markets.   Follow Alan on Twitter

  1. Chart Strategy

    Wait for $170 to Buy Facebook Stock

    Facebook stock has made a rapid recovery to February's bull market high and could now turn lower, testing new support at ...
  2. Brokerages

    Fidelity Investments Could Open Cryptocurrency Exchange

    It's rumored that Fidelity Investments is looking for a programmer to build and deploy a Digital Asset exchange.
  3. Chart Strategy

    McDonald's Restructuring Plan Triggers Breakout

    McDonald's stock broke out of a four-month basing pattern this week after details emerged about the company's restructuring ...
  4. Chart Strategy

    Costco Stock: Time Running Out for Bulls

    Costco stock needs to break out above stubborn resistance at $200 in the next two weeks or risk a major downturn.
  5. Chart Strategy

    Small Cap Zynga on Fire After Key Acquisition

    Game maker Zynga's shares have rallied to the highest high since April 2014 after buyback and acquisition announcements.
  6. Brokerages

    Forex Brokers Scramble Ahead of August Rules

    New ESMA rules going into effect on Aug. 1 will sharply reduce leverage on European currency trades.
  7. Chart Strategy

    Microsoft Stock Breaks Out Into Triple Digits

    Microsoft shares traded above $100 for the first time last week and could add to gains in the coming months.
  8. Chart Strategy

    Adjusting Strategies to Moving Average Slopes

    Managing interrelationships between price, moving averages and slope can shift the reward:risk equation in your favor.
  9. Chart Strategy

    Apple Stock: Traders Should Wait for $170 to Buy

    Hidden long-term resistance suggests that Apple shares will turn lower and fill the May gap between $169 and $174.
  10. Chart Strategy

    Penny Stocks to Watch for June 2018

    Energy penny stocks turned sharply higher in May and should continue to gain ground in the summer months.
  11. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Bearer Bonds: From Popular to Prohibited

    Bearer Bonds are transferable, negotiable and anonymous. Learn why they're prohibited in the United States.
  12. Chart Strategy

    Commercial Banks Could Test 2018 Lows

    The commercial banking sector fund has gained just 3% so far in 2018 and could be headed back to January lows.
  13. Chart Strategy

    A Trade War Could End Transport Bull Market

    Transports could generate profitable short sales if the Trump administration follows through on trade threats.
  14. Brokerages

    Tradestation to Roll Out Crypto Trading

    Tradestation plans to roll out cryptocurrency trading in the coming months, utilizing parent Monex's Coincheck exchange.
  15. Chart Strategy

    Palo Alto Networks Stock Breaks Out to All-Time High

    Palo Alto stock rallied to an all-time high, underpinned by a wave of cyber-attacks and robot trolling, but is now stuck ...