Wheaton College, Columbia University (MA)


  • Author of seven books on budget travel, family travel, work and study abroad, worldwide volunteering, and international travel for first-time travelers.
  • Written scores of articles on real estate, NYC history, personal finance, food, and travel for newspapers, magazines, and websites. Edited books on a variety of subjects, from memoirs to juvenile justice to the most recent, about the Roman republic.
  • A regular contributor to, a NY real estate website, a site designed to help readers navigate the complexities of buying, renting, and living in NYC.


Marjorie's focus has been wide and varied: personal finance, real estate, research how-tos, study abroad, luxury travel, budget travel, profiles of interesting people, criminal justice, immigration, lifestyle, and city guides. Her books have been published by Frommer, Simon and Schuster, and St. Martins Press, as well as in magazines like Better Homes and Gardens. For ten years, as director of an NYC not-for-profit, she wrote articles on community organizing and keeping children safe; she was considered an expert on those topics, often sought after for interviews for print publications, as well as television and radio—including appearances on NPR.


Marjorie received her bachelors from Wheaton College and her masters from Columbia University—Teachers College.

Quote from Marjorie A. Cohen

"I like to help people navigate the complexities of what may seem to be complicated subjects, taking a subject and presenting it in an interesting and understandable way. I also enjoy interview experts on a variety of fields and relaying their expertise to lay readers, exposing the readers to a subject that may have been totally unknown to them before. Relaying my curiosity about the world and how it works is great fun for me."