• 4+ years of experience in researching market trends
  • Current research executive with Ipsos Healthcare
  • Became a contributor to Investopedia in 2014


Amelie Jung is highly skilled in research specializing in quantitative, qualitative, and market analysis. She began her career in 2014, starting as an intern and then moving up the ranks becoming an analyst and associate at Optimal Strategix Group Inc. In 2015, Amelie accepted a position with Millward Brown, where the focus of her research was on the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Here, she put her qualitative and quantitative skills to work, looking at hematology, auto-immune diseases, and over-the-counter (OTC) medications.

Amelie moved to Cello Health Insight, where she was a senior research executive and account manager before accepting a position as a senior research executive with Ipsos Healthcare in 2018. She points to her interdisciplinary studies and living in New York as waking her interest in economics. Amelie became a contributor to Investopedia in 2014, where her writing focused on different Master Business Administration (MBA) programs.


Amelie earned a Master of Arts in liberal arts and science from the New School for Social Research. She also holds a bachelor's degree in art history and American studies from Technische Universität Dresden.