Dan Moskowitz

Dan Moskowitz

  • • Written for several online financial media outlets for more than four years
  • • Background includes over four years of research and financial analysis
  • • History in sales and the energy sector


Dan is a freelance financial who has over four years of experience writing for the online reading market. He is a contributing writer to The Motley Fool, The Cheat Sheet, and Investopedia. His articles also appear on such sites as Yahoo Finance and Betterment LLC., Trade2Win, and ETF Trends.

Dan focuses his writing on the interests of individual investors. He writes about stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), small business, estate planning, financial analysis, real estate, investing strategy, and fixed-income investing. His research philosophy has a basis in fundamental analysis. He sees this as the cornerstone of choosing the best securities for investment. Dan's research includes the review of balance sheets, income statements, cash flow, and company liability.

Dan is beginning a career in sales and the energy sector.


Dan received his bachelor's degree from Long Island University, and earned his master's degree at Walden University.

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    Countries With The Highest & Lowest Corporate Tax Rates

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    Top Leveraged Oil ETFs and ETNs

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    Key Tips for Investing In REITs

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    Should You Trust a Robot to Manage Your Money?

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    The Biggest Threats to Netflix (NFLX)

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    6 ETFs With Netflix Exposure

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    The Tax Advantages of MLPs

    Taxation of Master Limited Partnerships is complicated, but the bottom line is: They can save you a bundle on taxes.
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    Quality Stocks That Don’t Pay a Dividend

    These six companies can afford to pay a dividend, but they prefer to invest in growth.
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    Should You Consider Muni Bonds?

    Considering muni bonds? Here's a look at their pros and cons.
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    How to Invest in Green Bonds

    If you want to invest in a socially responsible way, green bonds may be for you. And as the market grows, retail investment ...
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