• Freelance writer for Bankrate.com
  • Freelance writer and researcher for HealthIQ.com
  • Freelance writer for Insurancequotes.com and Netquotes.com



Heather is a freelance writer, editor and content provider based in Tacoma, Washington. She frequently writes about personal finance, insurance and checking accounts for Insurancequotes.com, CreditCards.com and CreditCardIdeas.com. When she’s not writing about financial subjects, she pens stories about health and travel.

She’s also spent time ghost blogging for a financial planner, actually working in a bank and trying to pay off her own debt.

Quote from Heather F. Larson

"I relish helping others, and sometimes myself, to find the best solutions to their financial issues. That makes my writing and research worthwhile. I also like to keep people from getting into financial problems in the first place whenever I can."