Carol M. Kopp

Carol M. Kopp

Carol Kopp is a veteran producer, developer, writer and editor for Internet news sites.  She has been an online news professional since 1982, when she joined a team that created one of the world’s first electronic news prototypes for CBS News and AT&T. She was senior news manager of the pioneering Prodigy online news service in the 1990s. More recently, she has been a senior news producer for, created personal finance features for CNBC, and developed a travel database for a national business consortium. She has contributed articles on a wide variety of subjects, from travel to technology and entertainment. She has written personal finance and business news features for AOL, CNBC and, among others.

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  1. Retirement Savings

    The Best Strategies to Maximize Your 401(k)

    Everything you need to know about setting up and managing what is often the chief source of your retirement funds.
  2. Retirement Living

    How Much Money Do You Need to Retire in Spain?

    A soft Spanish real-estate market and the strong U.S. dollar make Spain considerably more affordable for American retirees ...
  3. Retirement Living

    6 Tips to Stop Worrying About Retirement

    Try some creative thinking and these smart moves to take the pressure off.
  4. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    The Worst Things That Can Happen if You Don’t Pay Your Student Loans

    You may not get U.S. marshals knocking at your door, but why tempt fate? If you fall behind on payments, you have options. ...
  5. Career / Compensation

    Top 10 Side Jobs You Could Start Now

    Ways to make extra cash in your spare time.
  6. Savings Accounts

    How Interest Rates Work on Savings Accounts

    Here's what you need to know to grow your rainy-day fund.
  7. Retirement Living

    The 7 Best Countries for Retiring in Latin America

    You’ll find plenty of Latin American countries on this year’s lists of top places to retire abroad. Here’s a look at a few.
  8. Retirement Savings

    Picking Funding Priorities: 401(k) vs. IRA

    Here are some points to remember as you're choosing where to put your retirement savings.
  9. Retirement Living

    The Top 3 Regions To Retire In Spain

    Explore well beyond the Costa del Sol before deciding to make Spain your retirement home.
  10. Retirement Living

    5 Reasons Americans Retire in Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico’s unique status as a U.S. territory can make it particularly attractive to Americans.
  11. Retirement Living

    Best Freelancing Jobs for Retirees

    Retired from your job but still want to work? Here's how to turn your skills and know-how into a new freelancing career.
  12. Retirement Living

    Can You Retire In Italy With $200,000 of Savings?

    The secret: If you want to live in Italy on a budget, you need to live like an Italian, not like an American movie star.
  13. Retirement Living

    4 Tips for Retiring in Puerto Rico

    If beaches are your thing, Puerto Rico is likely on your radar as a retirement destination. Here's what else to know before ...
  14. Retirement Living

    Retire in Malaysia With $200,000 of Savings?

    A low cost of living, street food fit for foodies and unspoiled rainforest and beaches are just a few of the reasons Malaysia ...
  15. Retirement Living

    Retire in Australia with $200,000 of Savings?

    Maybe. Thanks to a strong U.S. dollar, Australia has become more affordable, at least for Americans.
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