Poonkulali Thangavelu

Poonkulali Thangavelu

Poonkulali Thangavelu has written on topics ranging from investments and personal finance to mortgages and commercial real estate finance during the course of her financial journalism career. She has written for both B2B and B2C outlets, including National Mortgage News, National Real Estate Investor, Bankrate, Seeking Alpha, Multi-Housing News and REIT magazine. Her work has been picked up by various national newspapers and syndicated to outlets such as Yahoo! Finance, Fox Business, MSN Money and Fidelity. She holds degrees in Finance, Economics and Journalism and likes to explain business and financial topics. Her Twitter handle is @marketmoves.

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  1. Company Insights

    Companies That Went Bankrupt From Innovation Lag

    Companies that don't keep up with market-changing innovations, like Kodak, run the risk of going bankrupt. We take a look ...
  2. Financial Analysis

    A Day in the Life of an Equity Research Analyst

    What does an equity research analyst do on an everyday basis?
  3. Forex & Currencies

    Pros & Cons Of Dollar Cost Averaging

    The dollar-cost averaging approach helps investors avoid market timing but they give up some potential for higher returns.
  4. Insurance

    Insurance Companies vs. Banks: Separate, Not Equal

    Insurance companies and banks are both financial intermediaries. However, they don't always face the same risks and are regulated ...
  5. Banking

    What do investment bankers really do?

    Investment bankers are essentially corporate financial advisors who help companies manage the process of raising financing ...
  6. Financial Analysis

    Free Cash Flow vs EBITDA: Which Should You Analyze

    FCF and EBITDA are two ways of looking at the earnings of a business. EBITDA might be better for comparison purposes, while ...
  7. Financial Analysis

    Middle Market

    The middle market is a segment reserved for American businesses with revenues in the $10 million to $1 billion range.
  8. Investing

    Behavioral Funds

    Behavioral funds are a category of mutual funds that use behavioral finance as a basis for their investment strategy.
  9. Career / Compensation

    Equity vs. Salary: What You Need To Know (FB, GOOG)

    Equity payments are common at startup companies. Equity offers potential for a big payout but is also much riskier than a ...
  10. FA Profession

    20 Must-Read Books for Finance Professionals

    These 20 books offer insight into the past and present worlds of finance and how financial professionals can improve their ...
  11. Markets & Economy

    How to Calculate the GDP of a Country

    The GDP of a country can be calculated using two different approaches. GDP or gross domestic product of a country provides ...
  12. Forex & Currencies

    How Forex Brokers Make Money

    Forex brokers set their prices based on commission, spread, or a combination of both. Traders have to be cautious in the ...
  13. Investing Strategy

    Ten Worst Mistakes Beginner Investors Make

    Here are the ten worst mistakes beginning investors make.
  14. Budgeting & Savings

    How Microeconomics Affects Everyday Life

    Microeconomics is the study of how individuals and businesses make decisions to maximize satisfaction. To illustrate, we ...
  15. High Net Worth Strategy

    Top U.S. Housing Market Indicators

    A quick overview of the top economic indicators to track the housing market in the U.S.
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