Writer and editor


University of Kansas


  • Author of seven nonfiction books, including Hemingway's Hurricane and 21st Century Soldier
  • 32+ years of experience as a writer and editor, contributing to various trade magazines and other publications
  • 26+ years of experience as a freelance journalist, reporting in over 22 countries


An award-winning writer and accomplished journalist, Phil Scott began his career as an editor for aviation publication Flying Magazine. A fan of American novelist Ernest Hemingway, Phil authored seven nonfiction books, including Hemingway's Hurricane. As a journalist, he has reported from over 22 countries, covering a variety of topics; as a writer, he has written over 600 articles, with contributions to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Scientific American, as well as Reader's Digest and Car and Driver.

Phil also worked as an expert aircraft consultant for PBS Nova, Aircraft of the World, and Badges of Honor. Currently, he is a producer with Last Shot Pictures. In addition to his professional career, Phil has volunteered with the Habitat for Humanity and has served as a journalism instructor for inner-city students.


Phil earned a Bachelor of Science in journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Kansas.