Entrepreneur, Featured Contributor for a few publications


Illinois State University


  • 10+ years of experience in digital marketing strategy, investor relations, relationship management, manufacturing, executive leadership, team building, revenue generation, and business development
  • Featured contributor on publications that include Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Social Media Today, and Investopedia
  • Leading executive with fast growing startups in the sports nutrition (, food & beverage (, and hemp/CBD industries


Brett Relander is a serial entrepreneur with an ability to identify emerging trends, develop big ideas, build strong teams and create actionable plans. Today he has over a decade of experience in building, owning, operating and managing various businesses and working with clients that include the Dallas Cowboys, HP, Canon, and successful startups like X1 Sports Nutrition and Fig + Goat, among others. He is a problem solver and innovator with a passion that revolves around positive people, doing the right thing, and building successful companies and communities.

Brett has built a business portfolio based on integrity and solid working relationships across multiple industries, including marketing, manufacturing, sports nutrition, food & beverage, home delivery, green building, and hemp/CBD. Brett earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Illinois State University, is certified as a master fitness specialist and mental coach, as well as a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional). His higher purpose is to solve the health and environmental challenges our families and communities are facing through extraordinary people, innovation, and technology. 


Brett received his bachelor's degree in exercise science from Illinois State University.

Quote from Brett Relander

"It's extremely rewarding for me to help business owners, investors, entrepreneurs, and other good people overcome challenges, solve problems, and change the world in a positive way."