JP Taillon started his financial career making loans to small businesses. After getting is CFA title he joined an alternative investment firm in Montreal Canada acting as an analyst in hedge fund selection for institutional clients. After four years of analysing the sophisticated alternative investment strategies he moved to the little known world of Wholesale Electricity Trading. He was later named Chief Operating Officer of HRS Plant-E Corp based out of Montreal. JP is also passionate about technological disruption of traditional economic models.  He likes to comment business strategy, technology and philosophy. JP and his father Gerard J. Taillon have established a Leadership scholarship at his local highschool which has recently celebrated its 10th annual award. He has a cross-disciplinary bachelor degree from the University of Western Ontario. JP also engages in various philantropic activities with a focus on Mental Health awareness and prevention. An avid mountain biker and respectable golfer, combining either activity to exotic locations is his definition of a perfect vacation.