Marianna Galstyan

Marianna Galstyan

Marianna Galstyan is originally from Yerevan, Armenia. She currently lives in Vancouver, Canada and speaks four languages:  English, Armenian, Russian and French. Her undergraduate degree is in Romance and Germanic Philology and Linguistics. To diversify her specialized linguistic background, she went on to receive her Master’s degrees in Finance, International Business Administration and Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration from the University of Denver.

Her professional career, which spans over a decade, has been devoted predominantly to financial and quantitative analysis and research. Her background covers a diverse range of assignments – from writing economy digests for the President’s Office and the international community in Armenia, to teaching investments and corporate finance, carrying out complex financial risk and performance analyses for corporations, and providing business advice to international start-ups. Marianna is presently working on her Chartered Financial Analyst certification and is a CFA Level III candidate. 

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