Business and Finance Writer, Sr. Contributor for The Motley Fool


Eastern Illinois University, DePaul University


  • 7+ years of experience in talent management
  • Experience writing in personal finance with various media outlets
  • Former director at a Fortune 1000 consulting firm


Adem Tahiri has worked for many years as a syndicated business and finance writer. His work has appeared in a wide variety of publications including Yahoo, Reuters, AOL, MSN, The Houston Chronicle, and much more. Adem has also served as a sr. contributor for The Motley Fool and was the retail stock expert for

Crains Chicago Business has also interviewed Adem. His work has been referenced in the Triangle Business Journal and The Great Place to Work Institute. Before his writing career, Adem worked as a director at a Fortune 1000 consulting firm, overseeing the acquisition and development of every business’s most valuable asset, its people.


Adem received a Bachelor of Arts in political science and economics from Eastern Illinois University and a master's in human resource management from DePaul University.