Western Michigan University

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DocSpot Financial


  • Founder of DocSpot Financial
  • 5+ years of experience of helping high net worth investors create individual investment, tax, and estate transfer strategies
  • Specializes in small business plan creation and facilitation


The focus for Matthew Jarrell's practice is to provide an alternative to traditional investing. Matthew and his team model the endowment approach with many types of investment management. They take the concierge approach for our clientele offering as many differed services as fitting for the scope of our practice. Each investor is treated as unique in the approach to investment management and plan creation. In a world of discount brokerage and robo-advisors, Matthew is focused on serving those who appreciate quality. Matthew also has the AIF and CFS designations.


Matthew received his bachelor's degree from Western Michigan University.

Quote from Matthew Jarrell

"Discover what a client wants. Give it to them in an excellent way. Keep giving it to them."