McGill University , University of Calgary


  • 6+ years of experience writing about financial education topics and personal finance
  • Holds two higher education degrees in economics and education
  • Serial entrepreneur and millennial expert


Vanessa Page began a personal finance blog while completing her economics degree in 2012. It quickly grew into a monetized and profitable project. By 2013, she was writing and ghostwriting full-time for half a dozen websites in the United States and Canada. In 2017 and 2018, Vanessa scaled back her businesses to focus on getting a teaching degree with the aim of improving her ability to translate complicated financial topics into easy-to-understand formats.


Vanessa earned her Bachelor of Arts in economics from McGill University and her Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary. 

Quote from Vanessa Page

"No one wants to mismanage their money. With the right tools and guidance, anyone can get control of their finances. Nothing makes me happier than hearing a success story!"