Vanessa Page

Vanessa has been obsessed with becoming rich since she was a teenager. After a brief period of unemployment after high school, she vowed to never again be poor and financially dependent on others. By working two (sometimes three!) jobs throughout university, she finished her degree in Economics from McGill University with a positive net worth.

Vanessa has traveled to over 25 countries and yes, she has a favorite -- Bulgaria, a country that has both cheap food and snowy ski mountains. Currently, she is taking graduate-level business courses because, as a self-professed nerd, she finds it impossible to stop learning. In addition, she is working on a book that will examine some untraditional topics in personal finance.

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  1. Buzz & Trending

    Digital Nomad

    Digital nomads are people who are location independent and use technology to perform their job.
  2. Budgeting & Savings

    The Psychology Behind Why People Buy Luxury Goods

    Luxury goods are a great example of how irrational we can be; a decent and sturdy handbag can be purchased for $50, yet people ...
  3. Budgeting & Savings

    Amazon Monetizes Convenience (AMZN)

    Amazon has tapped into America's convenience culture. The company has struck gold with services that allow for maximum convenience ...
  4. High Net Worth Strategy

    For Financial Independence, Forget the McMansion

    While financial independence and retirement should be a priority for all Americans, some people are foolishly purchasing ...
  5. Budgeting & Savings

    3 Reasons Costco Has Membership Fees

    There's more to Costco's membership fees than meet the eye.
  6. Tech

    How WhatsApp Makes Money

    In short, WhatsApp makes money just $1 at a time.
  7. Retirement Savings

    Why Saving 10% Won't Get You Through Retirement

    Retirement experts often tout the 10% rule: To have a good retirement, you must save 10% of your income. The truth is, most ...
  8. Stocks

    Is Wal-Mart the Next Amazon?  (WMT, AMZN)

    The latest moves in the battle between Wal-Mart and Amazon.
  9. Company Insights

    Spirit Releases Investor Update (SAVE)

    Spirit announced select revenue and expense figures for Q4, 2016 and 2017.
  10. Company Insights

    American Airlines Unveils Basic Economy (AAL)

    In a move to compete with low-cost carriers, American Airlines has announced its own low-cost, no-frills fares.
  11. Company Insights

    United Announces Q4 and 2016 Earnings (UAL)

    United released its Q4 and 2016 earnings. The results caused United’s share price to fall slightly after hours.
  12. Company Insights

    American Airlines: 2017 Airline of the Year (AAL)

    The ATW 2017 Airline of the Year award was announced on Jan. 17. American Airlines will accept the award at a gala on March ...
  13. Company Insights

    Delta to End Flights to Taipei (DAL)

    Delta announced in early January that it would end its flights to Taipei in May. The airline is also planning to fly into ...
  14. Company Insights

    DoT Orders American to Increase Staff Training (AAL)

    The Department of Transportation has ordered American Airlines to provide supplemental training to its staff members regarding ...
  15. Company Insights

    Delta Purchases Five New Heathrow Slots (DAL)

    Delta paid $19 million for five pairs of morning slots at the London Heathrow Airport despite two consecutive years of negative ...
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