Vanessa Page

  • • 6+ years experience writing about financial education topics and personal finance
  • • Holds two higher education degrees in economics and education
  • • Serial entrepreneur and millennial expert


Vanessa began a personal finance blog while completing her economics degree in 2012. It quickly grew into a monetized and profitable project. By 2013, she was writing and ghost-writing full-time for half a dozen websites in the United States and Canada. In 2017 and 2018 Vanessa scaled back her businesses to focus on getting a teaching degree with the aim of improving her ability to translate complicated financial topics into easy-to-understand formats.


Vanessa earned her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from McGill University, and her Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary.

Quote from Vanessa

"No one wants to mismanage their money. With the right tools and guidance, anyone can get control of their finances. Nothing makes me happier than hearing a success story!"

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  1. Entrepreneurship

    Today's Top Young Investors

    Given the very different world that we live in as compared to the one the Warren Buffett graduated into, young, hopeful investors ...
  2. Budgeting & Savings

    Why Amazon Needs to Dump UPS and FedEx (AMZN, FDX, UPS)

    Amazon is too dependent on third-party shipping companies and must grow their delivery options to survive.
  3. Company Insights

    5 Leading Hotel Companies

    How can companies control so many properties and rooms? The same way McDonald’s controls 35,000 restaurants: franchise agreements.
  4. Budgeting & Savings

    The Psychology Behind Why People Buy Luxury Goods

    Luxury goods exemplify how irrational we can be. A decent, sturdy handbag can be bought for $50, yet people will still spend ...
  5. Entrepreneurship

    PayPal Vs. Venmo: Function Versus Fun (PYPL, EBAY)

    PayPal and Venmo are both great services depending on what the customer wants. Here's more information so you can tell the ...
  6. Budgeting & Savings

    3 Reasons Costco Has Membership Fees

    There's more to Costco's membership fees than meet the eye.
  7. Markets & Economy

    Whole Foods, Price Gouging And Sky-High Margins

    Whole Foods Market has grown to have more than 360 stores in the United States and abroad. However, this company is not without ...
  8. Retirement Savings

    Why Saving 10% Won't Get You Through Retirement

    Retirement experts often tout the 10% rule: To have a good retirement, you must save 10% of your income. The truth is, most ...
  9. Budgeting & Savings

    Five Most Luxurious Airlines

    Whether you've just won the lottery or saved up for once-in-a-lifetime experience, these are the airlines to book for the ...
  10. Markets & Economy

    Target's Red Card: What You Need to Know (TGT)

    Target Corp’s Red Card loyalty program is popular among shoppers. Here's what you need to know.
  11. Budgeting & Savings

    How Amazon's Restaurant Delivery Service Makes Money

    Amazon's delivery service acts as a loss leader, cornering the market and edging out competition so the service can capitalize ...
  12. Virtual Currency

    How Reddit Makes Money

    Reddit is the self-proclaimed “Front Page of the Internet." The site makes significant income by selling ad space, exclusive ...
  13. Markets & Economy

    Wal-Mart's New Advertising Plans

    Wal-Mart has a newly appointed chief marketing officer and a new chief customer officer while online advertising comes into ...
  14. Small Business

    The Importance Of Millennial Consumers

    Millennials are the next Baby Boomers: a group of people so economically valuable that advertisers drop their pre-existing ...
  15. Trading Strategy

    Google Blogger

    Google Blogger is a free, easy-to-use publishing platform run by Google.
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