Manufacturing Associate


Penn State University

Company Info

A.T., Kearney


  • 8+ years of experience working as a professional in supply chain management
  • 3+ years of contributing to Investopedia
  • Holds a graduate certificate in supply chain management


Daniel Weiser is a professional in supply chain management with more than eight years of experience. He works as a manufacturing associate with A.T., Kearney. Weiser began his career in the field in 2010, working as an intern with J.C. Penny, Aramark, and Frito Lay. In 2011 Daniel assumed a position as a distribution analyst with J. Crew.

Daniel moved to Williams-Sonoma Inc. in 2013, where he acted as a distribution planner and supply chain capacity planner. He became a contributor to Investopedia in 2015. Here his work includes topics such as company analysis, politics and their impact on the stock market, financial analysis, and student debt.


Daniel received a master's from Penn State University in 2015. He also holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in finance from Penn State.