Matthew Johnston

Matthew Johnston

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at St. Stephen’s University in the Canadian maritime province of New Brunswick, Matt went on to earn his MA in economics at the New School for Social Research in New York City. His research interests revolve around topics in economic history and political economy, especially the political economy of money and banking. Currently, he resides in Montreal, Quebec, where he tries to stay warm in the local pubs, drinking good beer and practicing his French.

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  1. Stocks

    4 Stocks for the Late Bull Market

    The bull market's getting old, but it's not dead yet. Here's four stocks that still have some life.
  2. Stocks

    Why Value Stocks Are Becoming Cool Again

    Amid the recent market selloff and rising volatility, value stocks are becoming the new cool.
  3. Stocks

    5 Safe Dow Stocks for a Crazy Market

    As markets take a tumble it's worth considering stocks with a track record for being safe havens.
  4. Stocks

    5 Beaten Down Stocks That Can Rally

    As markets regain their footing after the recent tumble, these beaten down stocks present a bargain.
  5. Stocks

    Tesla Defies Gravity as Stock Runs on Fumes

    Tesla's been cruising in the fast lane, but a sobering Q4 earnings report suggests a pit stop.
  6. Stocks

    GM's Stock May Rise 35% as It Speeds Past Tesla

    GM is off to the races as it competes for autonomous car supremacy and could see a 35% rise in its stock.
  7. Stocks

    Why Morgan Stanley Favors Dull Utility Stocks Over Techs

    As volatility and inflation return to the market, utility stocks may appeal more than popular tech stocks.
  8. Stocks

    4 Stocks That Will Profit From Dollar’s Pullback

    The almighty dollar is falling, and it’s helping to boost shares of multinational corporations.
  9. Stocks

    Fallen Star Goldman Sachs May Rise 20%

    GS has underperformed since the financial crisis, but a changing economic environment could help the bank.
  10. Stocks

    4 Home Builders That Will Outperform: Credit Suisse

    Boosted by an improving labor market, homebuilder stocks should continue their upward momentum.
  11. Stocks

    The Hidden Risks in the Small-Cap Stock Rally

    Despite a strong start to the year for U.S. small-cap stocks, there may be a number of hidden risks.
  12. Banking

    Why 'Best Bank' JPMorgan will Rise 14%: Bove

    Bank analyst Dick Bove gives JPMorgan high praise as he calls for a strong year from the bank despite.
  13. Banking

    Big Bank Stocks Face Upheaval On Messy Earnings

    Higher interest rates and lower taxes should boost bank stocks in the long run, but there are hurdles.
  14. Stocks

    Why GE's Stock Rebound Will Fizzle: Miller Tabak

    The recent surge for GE is more an indication of the stock’s price bottoming out after the selloff in 2017.
  15. Stocks

    Why Big Bank Stocks Can Rise 20%: Barclays

    Amidst an improving economic backdrop, higher interest rates and lower taxes, big U.S. banks could rise 20%.
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