Matthew Johnston

Matthew Johnston

  • • 3+ years writing content for Investopedia.
  • • Teaches macroeconomics and Southeast Asian history at St. Stephen's University in St. Stephen, NB.
  • • Passed the first two levels of the CFA exam.


Taking difficult concepts or ideas and breaking them down for the layperson is Matt's specialty, which he has honed over the years beginning with his undergraduate thesis that he wrote on language, meaning and interpretation. Since then, his outlets for developing that specialty have been writing for Investopedia, teaching at St. Stephen's University, and he recently began blogging at on topics related to money and banking (check out his personal profile here:


Matthew received his Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies from St. Stephen's University and his Masters in Economics at The New School for Social Research.

Quote from Matthew

"The world of finance can feel like an arcane and daunting place for newcomers, but it's just another language that when presented to people in just the right way, doesn't have to be so frightening. That's what I like doing, taking the obscurity out of finance and helping people to see that it's not just for the experts."

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