Matthew Johnston

Matthew Johnston

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at St. Stephen’s University in the Canadian maritime province of New Brunswick, Matt went on to earn his MA in economics at the New School for Social Research in New York City. His research interests revolve around topics in economic history and political economy, especially the political economy of money and banking. Currently, he resides in Montreal, Quebec, where he tries to stay warm in the local pubs, drinking good beer and practicing his French.

  1. Politics & Money

    U.S.-China Trade War May Hurt U.S. Companies Most (TXN, MRVL)

    Nike Shoes in Shanghai: U.S. corporations may suffer most if Trump takes protectionist steps against China
  2. Investing Strategy

    Private Equity Deals Leading M&A Wave in Japan

    Sumo Wrestlers: Private equity firms are now heavyweight dealmakers in Japan
  3. Stocks

    Bank Stocks: Have They Topped Out?

    With three big U.S. banks set to report earnings this Friday, a number of analysts are skeptical that the financial sector ...
  4. Markets & Economy

    Barclays Black Swans for Markets in 2017

    North Korea Nuclear Risk: Barclays sees 13 major events that could disrupt the markets this year
  5. Stocks

    Strategists Remove Their Rose-Tinted Glasses (SPX)

    Shaved Forecasts: Wall Street strategists are predicting a tepid 5% gain in the S&P 500 in 2017
  6. Taxes

    Trump's Paradox: Real Estate CEOs Brace for Change

    Real estate industry executives are expressing fears over Trump carrying out radical tax reform.
  7. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Policy Wars: Fiscal Trump vs. Monetary Yellen

    President-Elect Trump's stimulus plan may hit a brick wall as Yellen's Fed raises rates
  8. Company Insights

    Private Equity Loss: Avaya Considers Chapter 11

    As Avaya considers filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy, TPG and Silver Lake face losses of $2 billion.
  9. Entrepreneurship

    Satellite Wars: Startups Battle for Outer Space

    The quest to dominate outer space is intensifying as investors pump money into satellite startups
  10. Investing

    Money Managers Unite Against Passively Managed Funds

    Money managers put their heads together at summit in early November to strategize on how to overcome the loss of clients ...
  11. Investing Strategy

    Private Equity: America's Richest Bosses (APO, BX)

    Beyond your wildest dreams: heads of private equity firms are taking home America's biggest paychecks.
  12. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Bonds Backed by Risky Mortgages Earn AAA Rating

    Bonds backed by risky mortgage loans received AAA ratings by two ratings agencies less than ten years after the subprime ...
  13. Stocks

    Bankers Hint at Higher Future Dividend Payouts (JPM, BAC)

    The chiefs of JP Morgan and Bank of America are dropping dividend hints.
  14. Financial Technology

    Fintechs' Expansion Will Shatter the Status Quo (LC, SQ)

    Many fintech companies will dramatically expand their national footprint as U.S. regulators open up the sector
  15. Laws & Regulations

    How Trump Is Rattling the Lone Star State

    The Alamo: Texans' next big battle may be preventing major losses of jobs and exports if President-Elect Trump renegotiates ...