Julia Ingall

A Sydney-reared, NYC-based communications all-rounder, Julia frequently collaborates with design agencies, brands, start-ups and publishers in both hemispheres on all aspects of copywriting and editing. Backed by a Master of Arts (Professional Communication) and over ten years of wordsmithing, Julia caters to a spectrum of verticals, from beauty and fashion, to property and tech. With a background in real estate marketing, investment and renovation, Julia is well versed in identifying (and seizing) investment potential, and has mastered the property finance maze in the process. She’s spent her adult life honing sharp personal finance instincts, balancing day-to-day life enjoyment with the big financial picture, in two of the “Top 10 Most Expensive Cities on Earth.”

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  1. High Net Worth Strategy

    Can I Afford a Super Yacht?

    Buying the vessel is just the beginning – then you have to pay for the crew, mooring and all those 'obligatory' toys....
  2. Banking

    Routing Number Vs. Account Number: How They Differ

    Each consumer bank account has its own personal ID. And so does the bank. How do these numbers function and how do they protect ...
  3. High Net Worth Strategy

    Opening a Bank Account in Costa Rica as an American

    Opening a bank account in Costa Rica is easy, provided you have the appropriate documentation and forms. But be prepared ...
  4. High Net Worth Strategy

    Buying vs. Leasing a Private Jet

    Ready to join the elite jet set? There are a number of ways to make it happen.
  5. High Net Worth Strategy

    Choosing a Luxury Yarn: Alpaca vs. Cashmere

    The colder season is coming. Which of these luxury threads is most worth the price?
  6. High Net Worth Strategy

    5 Ultra-Rich People Who Live Below Their Means

    Some crazy-rich folks have remarkably sane spending habits.
  7. High Net Worth Living

    Tips on Buying a Beach Condo in Puerto Rico

    The island has beautiful beaches, a great climate, tax breaks for American buyers – but also a huge debt crisis. Still game? ...
  8. High Net Worth Strategy

    Buying Fur: Which Variety Is Worth the Most?

    Fur is once again hot among the haute couture set. A guide to getting the best skin for your style (and money).
  9. High Net Worth Strategy

    How to Get The Most Money for Your Fur Coat

    There are several ways to realize a decent return on investment on your unwanted pelt.
  10. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Getting a Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit

    If your credit history is less than stellar and you need cash, you may be able to get financing – but it will come at a price.
  11. Asset Allocation

    5 Finance Myths Millennials Should Avoid

    Hey Millennials, financial wisdom gets an adjustment just for you. Since the economic landscape and times have changed, the ...
  12. Budgeting & Savings

    Paycheck to Paycheck? 5 Ways to Start Saving Now

    Five ways to stop living paycheck to paycheck and start saving.
  13. High Net Worth Living

    Tips on Buying a Beach Condo in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica's incredible beaches make it the perfect place for a beach condo. Follow these tips to make sure you get a condo ...
  14. Retirement Living

    Why Your Retirement Depends on Your Kids' Choices

    The career and life choices your children make now can drastically affect your life down the road. Here's how, and what you ...
  15. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    The Hi-Tech Future of Mortgage Applications

    Three sites that are simplifying your path to home ownership.
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