• • Expert at crafting analytics with editorial and creative content
  • • 10+ years as creative director for Inkubate, a technology analytics firm
  • • Well versed in identifying (and seizing) investment potential


Julia Ingall is a Sydney Australia-reared, NYC-based communications all-rounder, Julia frequently collaborates with design agencies, brands, start-ups and publishers in both hemispheres on all aspects of copywriting and editing. Backed by a Master of Arts (Professional Communication) and over ten years of wordsmithing, Julia caters to a spectrum of verticals, from beauty and fashion, to property and tech. With a background in real estate marketing, investment and renovation, Julia is well versed in identifying (and seizing) investment potential, and has mastered the property finance maze in the process. She’s spent her adult life honing sharp personal finance instincts, balancing day-to-day life enjoyment with the big financial picture, in two of the “Top 10 Most Expensive Cities on Earth.”


Julia holds a BA in communications from the University of New England (Australia) and an MA in professional communication from Deakin University (Australia).

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