• • 5+ years of professional experience as a Wealth Management Advisor and Portfolio Manager at Genève Invest
  • • Genève Invest (Europe) S.A. - Asset & Wealth Management: Relationship Manager - Head of the English Desk
  • • Bloomberg and S&P Capital IQ skills: Intensive training courses at Bloomberg Geneva and work experience as well as essential training programs in commodities, equities, fixed income and FX essentials


Daniel's expertise is in the following fields: behavioral finance, equity investments (particularly value-investing), exchange-traded funds (ETFs), fixed income (particularly corporate bond investments), and portfolio management practices.

His expertise in portfolio and fund management includes creation of customized investment solutions and further development of the investment decision framework. Construction of individually tailored portfolios.


Daniel received his Bachelor of Arts in International Business from the Berlin School of Economics and Law, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in International Business with Honours from Lord Ashcroft International Business School in Cambridge, part of Anglia Ruskin University. He earned his master's degree with distinction in finance and management at the University of St. Andrews.

Quote from Daniel

"I share the belief that an investment in knowledge and education pays the best interest. I have developed a passion for learning and it is highly rewarding to share relevant know-how with interested people."

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