Jim Probasco

  • • 30+ years’ experience writing for online, print, radio and television media.
  • • Former managing editor of a leading magazine for activity professionals providing services to seniors in nursing homes, hospitals, independent living facilities and drop-in centers.
  • • Currently writes content for several online and print outlets. Areas include business, personal finance, the stock market and profiles of industry leaders.


A freelance writer and editor since the 1990s, Jim has written hundreds of articles on personal finance and business-related content, authored books and teaching materials in the fields of music education and senior lifestyle, served as head writer for a series of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) specials and created radio short form comedy. As managing editor for The Activity Director’s Companion, Jim wrote and edited numerous articles used by activity professionals with seniors in a variety of lifestyle settings and served as guest presenter and lecturer at the Kentucky Department of Aging and Independent Living Conference as well as Resident Activity Professional Conferences in the Midwest.

Jim has served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations in the Dayton, Ohio, area, including the Kettering Arts Commission, Dayton Philharmonic Education Advisory Committee and the University of Dayton Arts Series. He is past president of an educational foundation that serves teachers and students in the Kettering (Ohio) City School District.


Jim received his Bachelors from Ohio University in Fine Arts/Music Education and his Masters from Wright State University in Music Education.

Quote from Jim

"I view writing as an extension of my teaching career. My goals are always the same - understand first, then communicate."

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  1. Retirement

    10 Years Later: How the Financial Crisis Affected Seniors

    The Great Recession was not kind to seniors, but most have managed to achieve full financial recovery.
  2. FA Profession

    Reforming the Fiduciary Standard

    Although the fiduciary rule is gone, implementation of an industry-wide fiduciary standard remains a priority for many in ...
  3. Retirement

    How RESA Could Reform Workplace Retirement Plans

    Seven bills introduced in the House and Senate signal a desire from Congress to make significant changes to workplace retirement ...
  4. Retirement Savings

    10 Ways to Protect Your Social Security Number

    Identity theft thrives in part because people must give their Social Security number for so many types of interactions. How ...
  5. FA Profession

    Next Target for Lobbyists: SEC Best Interest Rule

    The same interest groups and lobbyists that worked to take down the fiduciary rule are now taking aim at the new SEC's proposed ...
  6. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Save for a Down Payment or Pay Off Student Loans?

    While student debt can be an obstacle to putting away money, student loans shouldn't be an obstacle to those who want to ...
  7. Laws & Regulations


    Libel is publishing a statement about someone in written form or via broadcast that is untrue and would harm the reputation ...
  8. Laws & Regulations


    Slander is the act of harming one person’s reputation by telling one or more other people something that is untrue about ...
  9. Laws & Regulations


    Defamation is any statement (written or spoken) that damages a person’s reputation.
  10. Budgeting & Savings

    I Make $50K a Year: How Much Rent Can I Afford?

    Before you go apartment hunting, spend some time calculating a price range that works for you. Here's how.
  11. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Saving Money vs. Borrowing for a Large Purchase

    Determine whether saving money vs borrowing is better. Going into debt through the use of credit may make more sense for ...
  12. Mutual Funds

    Interval Fund

    Interval funds are illiquid and offer to repurchase shares from investors from time to time but do not require investors ...
  13. Career / Compensation

    3 MBA Double Majors That Boost Your Value

    Find out how to fast track your MBA degree with a double major to help give your career the edge it needs and create a focus ...
  14. Investing Strategy

    Great Society

    Great Society was a set of programs created in the turbulent sixties; it was President Lyndon Johnson's answer to poverty, ...
  15. College Costs

    A Penalty-Free Way to Get 529 Money Back

    If your child gets a scholarship, you can withdraw that amount from a 529 without paying a penalty, even if the money's not ...
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