Zina Kumok

Zina Kumok writes about paying off $28,000 worth of student loans in three years. She has been featured in DailyWorth, LifeHacker and Time. Her blog, Debt Free After Three, inspires educates people on how to save, budget and pay off their loans. A former sports writer, she has written for the Associated Press and has covered the New York Yankees, NBA Draft and Final Four. She also teaches workshops on budgeting, how to save money and how other people can pay off their loans. In her free time, she loves to play with her dog Lyra, read Nora Ephron and plan her latest European adventure.

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  1. Retirement

    How to Mess Up Your Retirement and Not Even Know It

    If you’re putting in the work to make your retirement well-funded, don't mess it up with these costly mistakes.
  2. Taxes

    How to minimize taxes on severance pay

    Learn about the best ways to lessen the tax burden on severance pay.
  3. High Net Worth Strategy

    Why Doctors Can't Manage Money

    For a variety of reasons, doctors tend to make poor financial decisions, which makes them especially good financial advisor ...
  4. FA Profession

    Top Tips for Picking a Wealth Management Firm

    The advisor managing your assets has the potential to change your retirement fate. Here are some tips to get you started ...
  5. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Mortgage Broker vs. Direct Lender: Which is Best?

    Understand what are the key differences between mortgage brokers and direct lenders. Learn which one fits best with your ...
  6. FA Relevant

    Career Tips for Women Who Aspire to be Advisors

    Relatively few women seek a career as a financial advisor. Here's what aspiring and current advisors can do to popularize ...
  7. Mutual Funds

    What Is a Mutual Fund Fact Sheet?

    Investors should read mutual fund fact sheets for the valuable information they contain.
  8. Asset Allocation

    How to Diversify a $1 Million-Plus Portfolio

    Here are three ways to diversify a high-net-worth portfolio, which could help stave off the impacts of volatility.
  9. Retirement

    Are Your Investments Right for Your Age?

    It’s never too late to invest for retirement. Make the right decisions for where you're at now.
  10. FA Relevant

    How to minimize taxes on 401(k) withdrawals

    Maximizing your retirement savings is essential to a secure retirement, and a part of that is minimizing taxes on 401(k) ...
  11. FA Relevant

    457 plans versus 403(b) plans: A comparison

    There's plenty of advice about 401(k) plans, but what about 457 and 403(b) plans? Find out what these plans are about and ...
  12. FA Profession

    How to Find Wealthier Financial Advisory Clients

    Financial advisors should be looking to add more clients with higher net worth to their practice. Here's what it takes.
  13. Retirement Savings

    Filing Early for Social Security: When it Makes Sense

    Filing early for Social Security can make sense. Here's a list of when it's appropriate to ignore the conventional wisdom ...
  14. FA Profession

    Top Tips for Making Retirement Savings Last Longer

    If you’re trying to figure out how to make your hard-earned nest egg last, there’s one piece of advice that stands above ...
  15. FA Relevant

    Why Boomers Aren't Saving Enough for Retirement

    Baby Boomers still aren't saving enough for retirement. Here's what they can do to turn things around.
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