Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma is a freelance journalist interested in the intersection between business and technology. An alumnus of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, he has written for Active Trader, India Abroad, InvestorPlace, and Forbes. 

  1. Virtual Currency

    Facebook Partially Lifts Ban On ICO Ads

    Facebook, which had banned crypto ads earlier this year, is partially lifting that ban by allowing pre-approved advertisers ...
  2. Virtual Currency

    ICO Bounty Hunters Are Getting Rich Off The Crypto Boom

    Crypto social media influencers are minting money, thanks to a boom in ICO markets.
  3. Virtual Currency

    Robinhood May Be Launching A Crypto Wallet

    No-fee stock trading app Robinhood has posted a job ad for a crypto engineer to develop a crypto wallet.
  4. Laws & Regulations

    American Parts Comprise Majority Of Value For Cars Made In Mexico, Harvard Researcher Finds

    In tweets and public addresses, President Trump has railed against NAFTA and its effect on the American car industry. But ...
  5. Virtual Currency

    Bitcoin May Be A Bubble: Alibaba's Jack Ma

    Alibaba is bullish on blockchain but bitcoin may be a bubble, according to the company's founder, Jack Ma.
  6. Virtual Currency

    Japan Will Use Credit Scores To Monitor Crypto Trading Accounts

    In order clean up its crypto ecosystem, Japan is planning to use social media accounts and credit scores to track suspicious ...
  7. Virtual Currency

    Bitcoin Could Become "Consensus Currency": Goldman's Blankfein

    Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein struck a cautiously upbeat note about bitcoin during an interview in New York.
  8. Virtual Currency

    Bitcoin Price Tumbles By 9% After Japanese Anti-Laundering Order

    The price of bitcoin fell by more than nine percent after a call from a Japanese regulator for stronger money laundering ...
  9. Virtual Currency

    Average Investor Earns 179% From ICO Pop on First Day Of Trading: Study

    A recent Boston College study found that investors earn outsized returns from investing in ICOs.
  10. Stocks

    US to Ask Employees to Disclose Crypto Holdings

    The government's ethics office is asking about crypto holdings to avoid conflicts of interest.
  11. Virtual Currency

    Bitcoin: What Its Price Decline Means for Stocks

    Does the current bitcoin sell-off mean anything for a booming equity market?
  12. Virtual Currency

    Bitcoin Futures Are Causing "Gut Wrenching" Weakness In Its Price: Analyst

    Fundstrat's Tom Lee claims large selloffs close to the bitcoin futures expiration date are the cause of "gut wrenching" weakness ...
  13. Virtual Currency

    Why Did The SEC Single Out Ether?

    An SEC official yesterday said that ether is not a security. Why did the agency, which has threatened to impose securities ...
  14. Virtual Currency

    Steve Bannon Is Buying Into Bitcoin

    Stephen Bannon, President Trump's former chief strategist, has come out as a bitcoin and crypto enthusiast in an NYT interview. ...
  15. Virtual Currency

    SEC Official Declares Ether is Not A Security

    Bill Hinman, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Director of Corporate Finance, told audiences at a Yahoo Finance summit ...