Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma

  • • Writer with 8+ years of experience about the intersection between technology and business.
  • • Contributor to a wide variety of publications - Forbes, San Francisco Business Times, The Street, and India Abroad.
  • • Currently writing about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for Investopedia.


Rakesh worked as a technical writer for eight years in his past life in the IT Services industry. During grad school at the Medill School of Journalism in Northwestern University, he honed his reporting chops and knowledge of business. 

After graduation, he wrote about commodity trading for Active Trader. He changed subjects to writing about technology and startups with a shift to the San Francisco Bay Area. But a move to New York brought him back to business. His current reporting focus area is bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  

In all, Rakesh has written for a variety of publications, from profiling the US Junior Chess Champion for India Abroad to covering 3D printing for Forbes. You can see some more samples of his work at www.rakeshksharma.com.    


Rakesh received his Master's degree from Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism

Quote from Rakesh

"I enjoy simplifying complex and arcane finance-related topics and educating readers about them. I learn about new topics even as I educate readers about them."

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  1. Virtual Currency

    Two Things To Know About The Crypto Industry's First SRO

    The Winklevoss twins recently unveiled Virtual Commodities Association, the crypto industry's first self-regulatory organization.
  2. Virtual Currency

    How Commingling And Rehypothecation Affect Bitcoin

    Bitcoin's debut as an investment vehicle may be complicated by the rehypothecation and commingling practices of Wall Street ...
  3. Virtual Currency

    When Will The SEC Approve A Bitcoin ETF?

    The SEC has rejected several proposals for bitcoin ETFs since 2014. When will it finally approve one?
  4. Virtual Currency

    Is the Price of Bitcoin Preparing For A Bull Run?

    Bitcoin's price has been on an upward trajectory for the last couple of days. Is it poised for another bull run?
  5. Virtual Currency

    Australian Startups Partner To Enable Bill Payments Using Bitcoin

    Two Australian startups, Cointree and Gobbill, have joined forces to enable users to pay their bills using bitcoin.
  6. Virtual Currency

    Will Bitcoin Cash Undergo A Hard Fork?

    Bitcoin Cash, the cryptocurrency which was created out of a bitcoin fork, may go through a similar process due to internal ...
  7. Virtual Currency

    U.S. Investors Can Now Trade Bitcoin ETN On Swedish Exchange

    The SEC has not made up its mind regarding bitcoin ETFs but Americans now have the option of investing in a bitcoin ETN listed ...
  8. Virtual Currency

    Bitcoin's Price Increase Last Year Was A Bubble: Ethereum Cofounder Lubin

    Bitcoin's new price records may have been a bubble, says ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin.
  9. Virtual Currency

    Cryptocurrency Fraud Cost UK Investors £2 Million This Summer

    Fraud related to cryptocurrencies cost UK investors £2 million this past summer, according to Action Fraud, a fraud and crime ...
  10. Virtual Currency

    How The ICO Has Totally Changed In 2018

    ICO markets, once touted as a democratized form of funding that allowed the common man to invest in companies, have increasingly ...
  11. Virtual Currency

    Crypto Mining Giant Bitmain Is Going Public With A $40-$50 Billion Valuation

    Major bitcoin mining operation Bitmain is going public with a valuation between $40 billion and $50 billion.
  12. Virtual Currency

    What Determines Bitcoin Returns? Google Searches And Twitter Posts

    A new NBER paper attempts to identify factors responsible for price movement in cryptocurrency markets.
  13. International / Global

    Turkish Lira Vs. Bitcoin: Which Should You Buy At The Dip?

    Turkey's Lira now rivals bitcoin in price swings. Which one is a better investment?
  14. Virtual Currency

    Coinbase May Add More Crytoassets To Its Custody Service

    Coinbase published a post recently in which it stated that it was considering the addition of 40 more cryptoassets to its ...
  15. Virtual Currency

    How Cryptocurrency Pump-and-Dump Scams Work

    The Wall Street Journal took an in-depth look at cryptocurrency pump-and-dump scams
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