Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma is a freelance journalist interested in the intersection between business and technology. An alumnus of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, he has written for Active Trader, India Abroad, InvestorPlace, and Forbes. 

  1. High Net Worth Strategy

    How Bethany Mota's YouTube Vlog Became An Empire

    Less than seven years ago, Bethany Mota was just another teenager. Thanks to YouTube, she is a celebrity who makes more than ...
  2. Stocks

    Is Western Digital's SanDisk Deal a Bargain? (WDC, SNDK)

    Hard disk manufacturer Western Digital is planning to acquire SanDisk for $19 billion. Here are three things that you should ...
  3. FA Relevant

    Why Did American Apparel File For Bankruptcy?

    American Apparel was a cool and hip brand with growing sales, once upon a time. Recently, the LA-based company filed for ...
  4. FA Relevant

    Can Jack Dorsey Turn Around Twitter?

    Jack Dorsey's last two stints at Twitter did not end happily. Will he measure up to the task this time around?
  5. FA Relevant

    How Gordon Ramsay Built His Restaurant Empire

    Gordon Ramsay is already well-known as a successful media personality. But he is also a hardened businessman, who has turned ...
  6. FA Relevant

    What Is Coal's Future?

    Despite government regulation, more competition and higher production costs, coal remains a relatively cheap source of fuel ...
  7. FA Relevant

    How Tom Hayes Fixed Libor 

    For such an important number, the Libor rate was an easy fix. How did Tom Hayes, the main trader involved in the rate fixing ...
  8. FA Relevant

    Why Disrupting Television Will Take Time 

    The growing popularity of YouTube and Netflix has given rise to dire predictions about television's death. But here's why ...
  9. Artificial Intelligence

    Why Perceptual Computing Is The Future 

    Perceptual computing will have a major impact on our future in the coming years. Here's why.
  10. FA Relevant

    What's Behind the Decline in Productivity Numbers? 

    There are several theories and hypotheses about low productivity numbers in the American economy. This article examines some ...
  11. FA Relevant

    Will Oil Prices Go Up In 2017? 

    Oil has made headlines for its plummeting prices this year. When will prices rise again?
  12. FA Relevant

    Decoding the Merger of Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia

    Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia have a history of difficult mergers. But, their merger with each other may turn out to be the right ...
  13. FA Relevant

    Ad Blockers Could Spell A Boom For Publishers  

    In a free content world, largely subsidized by advertising, ad blockers can eat into publishing revenues. But, publishers ...
  14. International / Global

    The Economic Costs of Europe's Migrant Crisis 

    Europe's migrant crisis has become a fixture in the news cycle. What are the economic costs for countries that welcome the ...
  15. Commodities

    Should the U.S. Export Oil: Pros & Cons

    The U.S. banned exports of crude oil in the wake of the 1973 Arab embargo. Given that circumstances have changed, should ...