• • Nearly 13 years as an Associate Finance Editor for Consumer Reports, researching and writing stories for Consumer Reports and ShopSmart magazines, Consumer Reports Online, the Money Adviser newsletter, and product buying guides
  • • 11+ years as Consumer Affairs Writer at The Hartford Courant, writing news, enterprise, and investigative stories on regional and national consumer issues
  • • Nearly two years as a Metro Reporter for The Hartford Courant, covering two Hartford metropolitan area towns, including government, schools, courts, and politics



Anthony specializes in consumer and contract law; fraud and scams; personal finance; car buying, leasing and maintenance; money management; payment cards; saving and banking; charitable giving; identify theft and personal privacy; shopping and saving money; computers; technology and free software; warranties and service contracts; and homeowners and auto insurance.

He especially enjoys learning about consumer laws and regulations and the mathematics involved in consumer purchases, borrowing and saving, including loans, credit cards, car leasing and certificates of deposit, and savings accounts. Anthony's website and new blog is Consumerland Dispatch.


Anthony earned his Bachelor of Arts in English and Writing Arts at the State University of New York, College at Oswego.

Quote from Anthony

"As a veteran consumer journalist, I help people make decisions about buying products and services, managing money, donating to charity and avoiding fraud. I specialize in writing enterprise, investigative and feature stories that examine trends, uncover wrongdoing and provide advice. I am a passionate, curious and aggressive journalist who enjoys finding the hidden gotchas in products and services. I stress accuracy and fairness, realizing as well that the most useful stories interpret the facts. I enjoy writing in fun and creative ways, especially when blogging. I maintain a long list of story ideas."

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