Donna Fuscaldo

Donna Fuscaldo

Donna Fuscaldo is a freelance journalist hailing out of Long Island, New York. Donna writes for numerous online publications including,,,  and SigFig. As a personal finance reporter for years, Donna provides invaluable advice on everything from saving money to landing that dream job. Previously, Donna was an equities reporter for Dow Jones Newswires and a special contributor to the Wall Street Journal.

  1. Brokerages

    Ally Financial's Venture Arm Invests in Startup That Makes Debit Cards for Kids

    Ally Ventures, a unit of Ally Financial, has invested in Greenlight Financial, which makes a credit card for kids.
  2. Stocks

    Smartphones Sales Log Ever First YOY Decline in Q4

    Smartphone sales declined in the fourth quarter on a year-over-year basis, says Gartner.
  3. Brokerages

    Charles Schwab: 4 Things Many Investors Get Wrong About Corrections

    In terms of gauging when a stock market correction is over, there's a lot of misconceptions out there, says Charles Schwab's ...
  4. Brokerages

    Bears Get Heave-Ho On Best SPX 5-Day Run: E*TRADE

    The S&P 500 finished last week with its best week in more than five years.
  5. Brokerages

    Fidelity Investments: Commodities, Gold, Real Estate Are Plays on Rising Inflation

    Looking for ways to protect your investments in a rising inflation environment? Fidelity points to commodities, gold and ...
  6. Brokerages

    Vanguard Creates new European Team to Drive Corporate Governance

    Vanguard is stepping up its corporate governance across the pond, creating a new team in Europe.
  7. Brokerages

    Charles Schwab Stock Poised to Reach $55 on Back of More Growth

    Charles Schwab is poised to grow more, which resulted in Trefis giving the brokerage's stock a $55 price target.
  8. Brokerages

    What Are Fidelity's Top 20 Stocks?

    Fidelity Investor blog author Jim Lowell crunched the numbers to come up with a list of 20 favorite stocks, with tech at ...
  9. Brokerages

    E*TRADE Takes Page From TD Amertirade, Launches 24-Hour ETF Trading

    E*TRADE is taking a page from TD Ameritrade, rolling out trading in select ETFs 24 hours a day, five days a week.
  10. Markets & Economy

    Tech Giants May Be Hurting the US Economy

    A new study shows how the dominance of Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google can hurt the U.S. economy.
  11. Brokerages

    Fidelity Investments' Timmer: Investors Watching Volatility Should Keep a Close Eye on China

    China could be the next to add to volatility and is worth watching, said Fidelity's Timmer in an interview with Investopedia.
  12. Brokerages

    Vanguard Says Investors Didn't Panic When Markets Tanked

    Vanguard said that investors didn't panic earlier in the month when stocks plummeted.
  13. Brokerages

    E*TRADE: Markets Historically Show Weakness on Wednesday, Thursday After a Holiday

    Based on historical data, E*TRADE says that investors should brace for some stock market weakness this Wednesday and Thursday.
  14. Brokerages

    E*TRADE: Economic Indicators, Not Stocks Indexes, Give Better Investing Insight

    Investors wanting to gauge if more bloodletting is in the cards should pay attention to economic indicators, advises E*TRADE.
  15. Brokerages

    Vanguard's New Factor ETFs Resemble Actively Managed Funds

    Vanguard's new factor-based ETFs are among the most actively managed investments from the passive fund company.