Donna Fuscaldo

Donna Fuscaldo

Donna Fuscaldo is a freelance journalist hailing out of Long Island, New York. Donna writes for numerous online publications including,,,  and SigFig. As a personal finance reporter for years, Donna provides invaluable advice on everything from saving money to landing that dream job. Previously, Donna was an equities reporter for Dow Jones Newswires and a special contributor to the Wall Street Journal.

  1. Brokerages

    Charles Schwab Suggests Resolutions for 401(k) Investors

    Charles Schwab is out with New Year's resolutions for 401(k) investors, which include saving more and meeting the company ...
  2. Brokerages

    Ally Financial: Majority of Car Owners Don't Know They Can Refinance Auto Loans

    The parent of Ally Invest found that consumers can save by refinancing their auto loans, but the majority don't even know ...
  3. Brokerages

    Futures Industry Association Blasts Bitcoin Futures as Some Online Brokerages Prepare to Offer Them

    The head of the trade group criticized Bitcoin futures products just as a handful of online brokerages are gearing up to ...
  4. Brokerages

    Vanguard Launches Target Date Funds for Younger UK Investors

    Vanguard is going after younger U.K. investors with two new target date funds for those retiring between 2060 and 2065.
  5. Brokerages

    TD Ameritrade Adds Education to Its Mobile Trading App

    TD Ameritrade added educational videos to its mobile app, aiming to arm its clients with more weapons to make investment ...
  6. Brokerages

    Vanguard's Bogle Wishes for More Competition in Index Investing

    Vanguard's Jack Bogle isn't happy being alone at the top – he says he wants more index investing competition.
  7. Brokerages

    TradeStation Lays Out Its Cryptocurrency Trading Vision

    While embracing bitcoin futures, TradeStation is also looking at ways to offer clients the ability to trade cryptocurrencies ...
  8. Brokerages

    Vanguard Opens Emerging Markets Bond Fund

    Vanguard opened its latest actively managed offering, the Vanguard Emerging Markets Bond Fund, to outside investors.
  9. Brokerages

    Charles Schwab Lays Out Why Stocks May Not Be Overvalued

    Stocks may have high valuations, but from a P/E perspective, they may have more room for growth, says Charles Schwab's Jeffrey ...
  10. Brokerages

    Charles Schwab Shares Financial Resolutions for 2018

    Charles Schwab says the New Year is the ideal time to rebalance your portfolio and set a budget.
  11. Stocks

    Microsoft Gains Against Google In Education Mkt.

    Microsoft gains ground internationally, although Google is still the undisputed US leader.
  12. Stocks

    Alibaba, Tencent Could Soon Double: Fund Manager

    An OppenheimerFunds manager says the two could see their stocks double in the next five to 10 years.
  13. Brokerages

    Ally Invest: Bitcoin Futures Are Best for the Bitcoin Curious

    Ally Invest's president Rich Hagen thinks CME's Bitcoin futures are the best way for the Bitcoin curious to play the market.
  14. Brokerages

    Fidelity Investments Puts Money Into Uber Rival Lyft

    Fidelity Investments, a big Uber shareholder, has participated in a round of fundraising for Uber rival Lyft.
  15. Brokerages

    TD Ameritrade Explains the Changing Retirement Landscape

    Retirement has changed over the years, increasing the need for Americans to save on their own.