Donna Fuscaldo

Donna Fuscaldo

Donna Fuscaldo is a freelance journalist hailing out of Long Island, New York. Donna writes for numerous online publications including,,,  and SigFig. As a personal finance reporter for years, Donna provides invaluable advice on everything from saving money to landing that dream job. Previously, Donna was an equities reporter for Dow Jones Newswires and a special contributor to the Wall Street Journal.

  1. Brokerages

    Charles Schwab Total Client Assets Jump 23% in January; Expects More Mutual Fund Clearing Outflows

    Charles Schwab set a new client assets record in January but is preparing for mutual fund clearing services outflows of up ...
  2. Brokerages

    Vanguard First to Pass $1 Trillion in Defined Contribution Assets

    Vanguard is the first firm to surpass $1 trillion in defined contribution assets under management.
  3. Brokerages

    TD Ameritrade’s Advisory Platform Sees 10% Inflow Jump in February

    TD Ameritrade's advisory platforms has seen a 10% increase in inflows so far in February as DIY investors seek a little hand-holding.
  4. Stocks

    Walmart's New Weapon Against Amazon: The Cloud

    Walmart is taking a page from Amazon by building an internal cloud computing server farm.
  5. Brokerages

    Charles Schwab: Interest Rates Should 'Grind Higher'

    Charles Schwab's chief-fixed income strategist Kathy Jones thinks interest rates will "grind higher" this year.
  6. Stocks

    Google Overhauling Android OS to Lure iPhone Users

    Google is updating its Android OS to include the iPhone notch feature and lure Apple users its way.
  7. Brokerages

    Fidelity's Timmer: Markets Are Now Balanced

    Fidelity's director of global macro says that the sell-off has brought necessary balance to the stock market.
  8. Brokerages

    Merrill Edge Adds ESG Scores to Platform for Impact Investors

    Merrill Edge added ESG scores from MSCI to help customers identify companies that are doing right by the environment and ...
  9. Brokerages

    Lower ETF Investment Minimums Attract Small Investors to Charles Schwab

    Charles Schwab's move to lower the minimum amount to invest has resonated with smaller investors.
  10. Brokerages

    E*TRADE's January Daily Average Revenue Trades Jump 57% Year Over Year

    E*TRADE saw a double-digit increase in daily average revenue trades, or DARTs, during January.
  11. Stocks

    Amazon Buying B Riley Makes the Case

    As Amazon moves further into the delivery, B Riley makes the case for an acquisition.
  12. Stocks

    Amazon Wants to be a Big Supplier to Hospitals: Report

    Amazon has been holding talks with hospital executives to become a medical equipment supplier.
  13. Brokerages

    Vanguard: 3 Questions to Ask Clients Interested in Factor ETF Investing

    With factor ETFs growing in popularity, Vanguard said advisors have to work to determine the best ones for clients.
  14. Brokerages

    Vanguard: Avoid Emotional Investing With Planning, Big Picture Approach

    Vanguard says having a plan and seeing the big picture can prevent investors from reacting to emotions when stocks are declining.
  15. Brokerages

    Charles Schwab: Volatility Is Back With a Vengeance

    Volatility is back and isn't going anywhere, although Schwab doesn't think the bull run is at risk as of yet.