Richard Rosen

Richard Rosen

Richard Rosen is a practicing financial planner with more than 20 years of experience helping clients design and implement comprehensive wealth management plans.  He is an adjunct faculty member teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in finance and investment management.  He has also helped startup, manage and sell two small companies as well as consulted on the startup and operation of several other ventures.

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  1. FA Relevant

    Mutual vs. Stock Insurance Companies

    Learn about the differences between stock and mutual insurance companies and which is best for you as a policyholder.
  2. FA Relevant

    Understanding Life Insurance Premiums

    When buying permanent life insurance, what amount of premium should you pay for the coverage?
  3. Insurance

    Death Benefits in a Variable Annuity

    Before making investment decisions it’s important to fully understand what you're paying for and if the cost makes sense ...
  4. Disability Insurance

    Group and Individual Disability Insurance

    Disability coverage is important to have in case you become physically unable to work. You can purchase group or individual ...
  5. Investing Strategy

    Using Benchmarks in Investing

    Learn about investment benchmarks and how they are used to evaluate investment funds and portfolios.
  6. FA Relevant

    How to Compare Permanent Life Insurance Policies

    Here's how you can use the internal rate of return to compare and purchase a permanent life insurance policy.
  7. Retirement Living

    Life Insurance in a Qualified Retirement Plan

    The opportunity to pay life insurance premiums with pre-tax dollars is appealing, but the additional costs of requirements ...
  8. Retirement Living

    Should You Contribute to a Non-Deductible IRA?

    A look at the ins and outs of non-deductible IRAs.
  9. Life Insurance

    Split Dollar Life Insurance: How It Works

    Understand how split-dollar life insurance plans between an employer and employee are designed and what tax regulations they ...
  10. Life Insurance

    Group Term Life Insurance: What You Need to Know

    Is employer-sponsored group term life insurance really a good deal? Let's take a closer look.
  11. High Net Worth Strategy

    Mistakes to Avoid When You Own Life Insurance

    How to avoid some common mistakes that can cause tax and inheritance problems when you own life insurance.
  12. Life Insurance

    Should You Buy an Investment-Only Variable Annuity?

    What are the pros and cons of investment-only variable annuities (IOVAs), and how do they compare to regular variable annuities?
  13. Investing Strategy

    Sector Investing

    Sector Investing: How you can use business and economic cycles to help make investment allocation decisions.
  14. FA Relevant

    How Linked Benefit Insurance Policies Work

    Linked benefit policies can be a viable alternative to traditional long-term care insurance. Here's how they work.
  15. FA Relevant

    Disability Rider on Life Insurance: Should You Buy?

    Does it make sense to pay an additional cost for a waiver of premium rider on a life insurance policy?
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