Regan MacElwain

Regan MacElwain

Regan’s love of new experiences has unintentionally led him to become a generalist, able to draw on various bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. Though raised in small town Calgary, he has been lucky enough to live in London, Vancouver and Shanghai. Regan has also spent time gaining wisdom while on extended backpacking adventures.

His more formal education has been with the Sauder School of Business (Accounting), and the London School of Economics. Regan loves to learn, reading everything from financial literature (The Intelligent Investor, Black Swan and What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars) to science fiction (The Diamond Age, Rendezvous with Rama and The Gunslinger).

Being raised by self-employed parents, Regan has inherited the entrepreneurial spirit as well, starting a clothing company while at university. He has first-hand experience of everything from bootstrap financing from a dorm room, to the accounting department of a large company. Regan has had further work experience in a wide range of fields, such as financial analysis, teaching and sales. In his spare time, Regan likes to practice the impossible language of Mandarin Chinese, compete in powerlifting, and attend theatre.

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