• Management consultant with Monitor Deloitte
  • Past work experience ranges from bootstrap financing in a dorm room to the accounting department of a large company


Regan MacElwain is a management consultant in Deloitte's strategy practice, the Monitor Group. Monitor Deloitte specializes in helping leaders lead, through developing strategy and sustaining value.

As a Monitor consultant, Regan works with clients to build models and frameworks that enable better strategic planning. He draws on an extensive financial background to incorporate dynamic variables for insightful analysis.

Regan also has experience helping clients sustain value through communicating high level strategy across organizations in a way to drive engagement and buy-in.


Regan earned his Bachelor of Commerce in accounting from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. He is candidate for a Level 3 CFA license.

Quote from Regan MacElwain

"Consulting with a vast array of organizations and levels has taught me the importance of knowing your audience when communicating a message."