Shoshanna Delventhal

Shoshanna Delventhal

As a digital nomad based out of New York City, Shoshanna enjoys reporting on business and finance, with a focus on consumer products and technology companies. Shoshanna is passionate about enhancing the future of work by harnessing productivity and adopting transparent, flexible work cultures.

After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Economics and International Relations, Shoshanna worked in international business advisory at KPMG. When she’s not writing, you can now find Shoshanna leading yoga, mindfulness and creative workshops around the world.

Shoshanna’s enthusiastic about forward-driving projects that advance social entrepreneurship, conscious consumerism and sustainability movements.

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  1. Stocks

    Bitcoin: Overstock Surges on Morgan Stanley Stake

    The e-commerce platform turned bitcoin player has surged 220% YTD amid cryptocurrency mania.
  2. Stocks

    Tech’s Weakness Is Temporary: Bespoke Co-Founder

    There is 'nothing to suggest' that tech will not rebound and outperform within 6 months, he says.
  3. Stocks

    Expect Less From FAANGs in 2018: Morgan Stanley

    The large cap leaders are too big not to feel the impact of a possible consumer recession next year.
  4. Stocks

    J.C. Penney Launches Subscription Box Service

    The beaten down brick-and-mortar chain says the new partnership demonstrates it is evolving.
  5. Stocks

    Musk: Tesla’s AI Will Be Best in the World

    The carmaker says its new chips made in-house will be 10 times more powerful at a 10th the cost.
  6. Stocks

    GOP Tax Plan Could Save Tech's Big 3 $4.5B: Cowen

    Amazon alone could save $2B in 2 years under the Trump tax plan, say analysts at Cowen & Co.
  7. Stocks

    4 Reasons Square’s Gains Can Multiply: Jefferies

    The fintech platform, up 180% YTD, could see a major uptake on multiple new growth drivers.
  8. Stocks

    GE Cuts 20% of Power Unit Workers—Is That Enough?

    Analysts hold off on GE until signs of its $1 billion effort to revive its power business materialize.
  9. Stocks

    Broadcom’s Results Applauded on the Street

    Analysts highlight the chipmaker's beat-and-raise fiscal fourth quarter and improved free cash flow.
  10. Stocks

    Lululemon No Longer a Stretch: Cannacord Upgrades

    Analysts admit they 'underestimated' the apparel makers ability to innovate through headwinds.
  11. Stocks

    Disney, Fox Deal Would Be a Win-Win: Macquarie

    The $60B sale makes sense for Fox's focus on live content, while helping Disney expand its scale.
  12. Stocks

    Netflix on Track for Q4 Beat: Piper Jaffray

    Despite subscription price hikes, US consumers can't get enough of the video streaming platform.
  13. Stocks

    Alibaba Is Best Internet Play in China: Analyst

    BABA's general global expansion should work to boost shares by nearly 30%, wrote Susquehanna.
  14. Stocks

    Amazon’s Apparel Biz to Hit $85B by 2020: Instinet

    Analysts say the e-commerce giant benefits from 'knowing its customers better than they do.'
  15. Stocks

    Apple Needs Its Own Streaming Service: Bernstein

    A monthly subscription business would allow the tech giant to generate recurring revenue streams.
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