Shoshanna Delventhal

Shoshanna Delventhal

As a digital nomad based out of New York City, Shoshanna enjoys reporting on business and finance, with a focus on consumer products and technology companies. Shoshanna is passionate about enhancing the future of work by harnessing productivity and adopting transparent, flexible work cultures.

After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Economics and International Relations, Shoshanna worked in international business advisory at KPMG. When she’s not writing, you can now find Shoshanna leading yoga, mindfulness and creative workshops around the world.

Shoshanna’s enthusiastic about forward-driving projects that advance social entrepreneurship, conscious consumerism and sustainability movements.

  1. Stocks

    UPS, FedEx Fears on Amazon Are Overblown: JPMorgan

    JPM expects UPS and FDX stock to surge 30% over the next 12 months; largest threat is to USPS.
  2. Stocks

    Salesforce Could Gain Another 20%: Jefferies

    Analysts see CRM gaining another 20% as competitive pressure from rival Microsoft eases up.
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    A Tale of Two Toy Makers: Mattel and Hasbro

    With the annual Toy Fair looming, lets look at the two biggest toymakers.
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    Luxury Retail Stocks ‘Too Cheap to Ignore’: Nomura

    An analyst recommends buying the brands themselves rather than traditional brick & mortar retailers.
  5. Stocks

    Tesla Bear Turns Optimistic on Model 3 Production

    While Tesla may be exiting its 'manufacturing hell,' one bear recommends selling the stock anyway.
  6. Stocks

    Target Eyes Boost From Tax Cut, Delivery Service

    A team of bulls expects TGT to gain over 10% as America's No. 2 retailer wages war against Amazon.
  7. Stocks

    Amazon Eclipses Microsoft in Market Value: A 1st

    After Apple and Alphabet, Amazon is now the No. 3 company by market cap. Sorry, Microsoft.
  8. Stocks

    Amazon, BofA Team to Provide Loans to Merchants

    The e-commerce giant faces off against Square and PayPal in the large-scale lending space.
  9. Stocks

    JPMorgan Is ‘Best in Class,’ Buy on the Dip: KBW

    Analysts upgrade bank's shares to outperform, highlighting the stock's attractive valuation
  10. Stocks

    Buy Citi, Netflix on Rising Inflation: Goldman

    The Wall Street bank highlights stocks that have underperformed during the recent market sell-off.
  11. Stocks

    Arizona Poised to Accept Tax Payments in Bitcoin

    A link between cryptocurrency and government tax revenue could boost the value of digital coins.
  12. Stocks

    Expect More Global Volatility: GS, Bridgewater

    After a decade of loose monetary policy, one hedge fund manager outlines a new global environment. 
  13. Stocks

    Three Big Tech Stocks We Still ‘Love’: Susquehanna

    Last week’s sell-off presents an opportunity to buy 'three names we love' at a discount.
  14. Stocks

    Equifax Data Breach Worse Than Previously Thought

    The credit reporting giant is under pressure to disclose the full extent of its cyberattack.
  15. Company Insights

    Ford Motors Top 3 Shareholders

    Learn about the world's fifth largest automaker and its top shareholders.