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Willamette University

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  • Investopedia contributor since 2014
  • Lead writer for
  • Co-author of I Am Net Worthy, a millennial-focused book on financial independence


Claire Boyte-White has been writing about personal and corporate finance, retirement planning, investing, and tax policy since 2013. After leaving her career in the insurance industry working for high-profile clients, she decided to pursue a career in writing.

Claire believes that financial literacy resources and investing education should be readily available to everyone, so she enjoys making complex topics accessible and engaging. Her keen attention to detail and head for numbers have made her a perfect fit for Investopedia.


Claire received her bachelor's from Willamette University with a degree in psychology.

Quote from Claire Boyte-White

"I know many people find investing and financial topics overwhelming. As our cultural and economic landscape continues to change rapidly, it's more important than ever for everyone—from new college grads to retirees—to feel comfortable and competent when it comes to financial planning. I consider my role in the industry to be that of a facilitator: breaking down intimidating concepts and making financial literacy accessible to all."