Sean Ross

  • • 5+ years of experience in writing financial content for the internet
  • • Founder of Free Lances, Ltd., a freelance hub
  • • Worked as a bankruptcy specialist, consultant, broker, and financial advisor


Sean has a background which includes working as a bankruptcy specialist, consultant, broker, financial advisor, and as a journalist. Sean is the founder and manager of Free Lances, Ltd., a hub for freelance editors, researchers, and writers.

He is a Strategic Adviser at, a firm helping real estate investors defer realized capital gains tax recognition through the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 1031. Sean is responsible for processing 1031x agreements and educating the public about the use of the tax code's program. He also works to market the firm and maintain client and property databases.

Sean was formerly the editor-in-chief at Financial Poise™. Poise creates educational content which targets investors, private business owners, and legal advisors. Here, he worked with researching, writing, and editing the content. He is also a contributor to Axial Network, a hub offering business services to lower-middle market companies, Intuit–Quickbooks,, and Investopedia.

Sean has more than 600 articles available through the Investopedia site. His topics include works on insurance, retirement, investment strategy, financial analysis, international investing, private equity, and economic and monetary policy. You will see his work referenced in research and books.
Sean writes for audiences in the United States, the U.K., and Australia.


Sean earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics and International Political Economy at Regis University.

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