Steven Nickolas

Steven Nickolas

Steven Nickolas has nearly ten years of experience working on the sell-side and buy-side, as well as consulting retail and institutional clients on hedging and risk management solutions. Steven holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Economics, and a Master's degree in Economics. His writing is primarily drawn from experience in multiple fields.

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  1. Financial Analysis

    The Top Tesla Shareholders

    Discover the largest individual shareholders of Tesla Motors, and learn about their backgrounds and how much their shares ...
  2. Financial Analysis

    The Top 4 Yelp Shareholders (YELP)

    Read about the top major direct holders of Yelp Inc., and learn about the backgrounds of these shareholders and the numbers ...
  3. Financial Analysis

    The Top 5 Rite Aid Shareholders

    Learn about the top five major direct shareholders of Rite Aid Corporation, and learn about these shareholders' positions ...
  4. Financial Analysis

    What does dividend per share tell investors?

    Learn what dividend per share is, what it means to an investor, and what an increase in it can signal to investors.
  5. Trading Instruments

    What is the difference between open interest and volume?

    Learn how to interpret the relationships between price, volume and open interest in the options and futures markets.
  6. FA Profession

    The 4 Best S&P 500 Index Funds

    Discover detailed analysis of the best S&P 500 Index funds, and learn about their characteristics, historical statistics ...
  7. Company Insights

    Top 5 Shareholders of GoPro (GPRO)

    Here's a look at the top individual shareholders of GoPro.
  8. Company Insights

    Pfizer: 7 Secrets You Didn't Know (PFE)

    The history of Pfizer is more interesting than you might know. Some of the little-known facts about the pharmaceuticals company ...
  9. Financial Analysis

    What is the formula for calculating working capital in Excel?

    Find out more about working capital, what working capital measures and how to calculate a company's working capital using ...
  10. Mutual Funds

    3 Mutual Funds That Hold Facebook Stock

    Explore detailed analysis of three mutual funds that include common stock of social media giant Facebook, Inc. in their top ...
  11. Trading Strategy

    What's the difference between a credit spread and a debit spread?

    Learn about debit and credit option spread strategies, how these strategies are used and the differences between debit spreads ...
  12. Financial Analysis

    The Average Price-Earnings Ratio in the Retail Sector

    Find out about the retail sector's average price-earnings ratio, or P/E ratio, and average P/E for companies in the seven ...
  13. Financial Analysis

    How do you calculate a company's equity?

    Company equity, or shareholders' equity, is the net difference between a company's total assets and total liabilities.
  14. Investing Strategy

    What is the average return on equity for a company in the retail sector?

    Find out more about return on equity, how to calculate it and the average return on equity for companies in the retail sector.
  15. Stocks

    10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Amazon (AMZN)

    Learn some interesting facts about Incorporated, the history behind Amazon's name and the hidden services and ...
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